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Innovative Roofing

Hard-working and innovative are two words that immediately come to mind when meeting the father-son team of Tim and Kevan Burns at Power Roofing & Exteriors.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: April 2009

Kevan Burns, co-owner of Power Roofing & Exteriors, is a major force in the company’s growth and success.


Hard-working and innovative are two words that immediately come to mind when meeting the father-son team of Tim and Kevan Burns at Power Roofing & Exteriors. Tim started it all when he began a career in commercial and residential contracting in Florida in the late 1970s. When son Kevan retired from a seven-year stint in professional baseball, he joined his father, and together they created T&K Contracting and Power Roofing & Exteriors.

Through the duo’s hard work and innovative thinking, the enterprise has transformed into a quality roofing business with a strong foundation of integrity, quality products, and outstanding service. Tim and Kevan recently introduced another enterprise: Thermal Power Innovations. The operation utilizes thermal imaging infrared (IR) cameras to detect damages caused by water and mold buildup. “The new cameras see infrared and visual light images fused together, communicating critical information to us faster and easier,” says Kevan.

The IR-Fusion® Technology in use is patent pending. It simultaneously captures a digital photo in addition to an infrared image and fuses the two together, taking the mystery out of IR image analysis. Once a damaged area has been identified, it is immediately pinpointed and repairs can begin. “The new service made possible by infrared technology will be provided free as part of our total service package to the homeowner when we do a roof replacement,” explains Tim. Two of the company’s employees have undergone extensive training to attain Building Science Certification, enabling them to apply the new technology.

Power Roofing & Exteriors has also been approved as a State of Oklahoma Certified Contractor and is now on the state’s list of first responders for reconstruction in disaster areas. Power Roofing has set up a van equipped with tarps, generators, ladders and other materials critical to first responder duties. This voluntary service is provided free of charge by the company; it is just one more way the Burnses are able to give back to the communities in which they do business.

Tim Burns reminds residents of northeastern Oklahoma that April 7, 2009 may be the deadline for filing a hail damage claim if your home was damaged by the April, 2008 hail storms. Forty thousand Oklahoma homeowners have already filed claims, and it is estimated that there are as many as 30,000 more who have not yet filed. Tim also cautions that if you have received a repair or replacement check from your insurance company and have not yet contracted to have the work done, you may be hurting yourself. Most insurance checks are dated for only 180 days. Also if you postpone having repairs done, materials and labor might cost more down the road, and there is the risk of additional water damage and mold.  

Estimates for repair damages to your home’s exterior or interior are free. The Power Roofing warehouse is thoroughly stocked with roofing inventory. The company can replace or repair your roof in a matter of weeks, not months. Power Roofing & Exteriors works with all insurance companies, and employees are trained to assist the homeowner with filing their claims. Crews are fully insured, and the business is licensed and bonded and provides 24-hour emergency service. 

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