Injuries Common in Fall

Autumn has arrived, and a large number of people are getting back into fitness routines now that the lazy days of summer have ended.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: September 2008

Lori Dreiling, owner of Fleet Feet Sports in KingsPointe Village, assists Matt Carnal in selecting an over-the-counter orthotic for his running shoes.

Autumn has arrived, and a large number of people are getting back into fitness routines now that the lazy days of summer have ended. “This time of year we see a lot of ‘weekend warriors’ who begin working out again because of the nice weather, thinking they can run five miles immediately,” says Lori Dreiling, owner of Fleet Feet Sports in Tulsa. “They forget that it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to ease into it.”

Since more people are exercising during the fall, an increase in injuries is also evident this time of year. “Once you start to feel a twinge, ache or pain, it’s time to nip it in the bud,” explains Lori. A good first step to take is visiting the Fleet Feet staff, who will start by assessing your shoes and gear, determining how old your shoes are and how much motion you have in your feet. “Shoes need to be replaced after about 500 miles,” says Lori. Fleet Feet specializes in providing high-quality shoes, socks and clothing for walkers and runners. And with their personal fit system, Fleet Feet can recommend an appropriate shoe and insole for your walking or running program.

The next thing Lori and her team do is review your training plan. “It’s important to include proper stretching and cross-training in your regimen to avoid injuries,” she says.

The solutions that Fleet Feet offers to runners and walkers experiencing pain depend upon its severity. If you are experiencing a nagging ache, as opposed to sharp pain, and depending on your injury, they can offer products such as the Strassburg Sock for plantar fasciitis, a shin splint sleeve for shin splints, or a patella tendon strap for knee pain. They can also provide high-quality over-the-counter orthotics for athletic shoes or dress shoes.

“If the products we recommend to customers do not alleviate their pain, or if someone comes in with severe pain, we refer them to a medical specialist,” says Lori. “One of the unique things about Fleet Feet is our close interaction with the medical community. Podiatric and orthopedic doctors trust us with their patients, and we know who to send our customers to with their injuries.”   

One of the doctors Lori works with in keeping her customers in top form is Dr. Ronald S. LaButti, an orthopedic surgeon with Central States Orthopedic Specialists. “We’ve recently sent several walkers and runners to Dr. LaButti with their injuries,” says Lori.

Dr. LaButti is fellowship trained in lower extremity and joint reconstruction and offers patients the latest in joint replacement surgery and technology.

“People often experience onset of knee pain and stiffness due to a sudden change in activity levels,” says Dr. LaButti. “We explore a variety of options for dealing with this pain, including bracing, physical therapy and activity modification.”

Most of the people Dr. LaButti sees for joint pain caused by walking or running are experiencing an overuse problem, such as tendonitis or muscle imbalance. “First we examine their activity level and modify as necessary - sometimes patients are simply going too far, too fast,” says Dr. LaButti. “Next we devise a physical therapy plan with stretching and focal exercises, which focus on certain muscle groups to stabilize the joint. It is vital to train the muscles around the joint to make them work more effectively.”

Other treatments Dr. LaButti offers for joint pain include inflammatory medications and bracing. According to him, surgery is rarely a necessary option for these patients.

If you are experiencing aches and pains since you began your fall training program, stop by Fleet Feet, located in KingsPointe Village at 61st and Yale, or call Dr. LaButti’s office at (918) 481-2767.

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