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American Christian Academy offers students more than an education in Sapulpa.

By: Christopher Davis | Category: Education | Issue: July 2013

Rose Mary Lopes, Administrator at American Christian
Academy, in her Sapulpa office.

Rose Mary Lopes, Administrator at American Christian Academy, in her Sapulpa office.

There are many factors that influence a family’s decision to pursue their child’s ­education independent of the public school system. Philosophical or religious principles are a commonly ­cited reason; however, some families come to the ­realization that their child’s needs call for a more ­individualized approach than larger public or private schools offer. Regardless of the reasons, American Christian Academy in Sapulpa offers individualized educational programs for primary and secondary ­students.

    Rose Mary Lopes is administrator at American Christian Academy, a small private Christian school in Sapulpa. She has been ­educating students at the school since her own son, now grown, was attending. Mrs. Lopes strives to provide quality education in a Christian atmosphere that takes into account the specific skills and stage of ­development of each student enrolled at ACA.

    American Christian Academy offers two distinct educational programs for ­students. For students in the homeschool program (offered for grades 1-12), ACA ­provides coordination of ­curricula and lesson plans, as well as guidance and support. For students enrolled in the on-site, full time program, ACA provides individualized, one-on-one instruction. “The curriculum is similar for home school and full time students,” explains Mrs. Lopes. “The main difference is whether or not the students are studying and completing assignments at home or here, in the ­classroom with our support.” The curriculum includes core subjects, such as reading, grammar, civics and history, mathematics and science. Additionally, ACA includes biblically-based character ­training for their students. Whether enrolled in the homeschool or full time program, students can count on personalized educational plans with lots of face time with educators.

    ACA provides a spectrum of services for students. Diagnostic assessment is an important step in any child’s educational program. Without a clear ­understanding of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, it is difficult to establish an ­educational plan, let alone goals. Mrs. Lopes observes, “Every student is different. Some students need a lot of help; others, not as much.” ACA focuses on the student; lessons are planned and paced according to his or her ­specific abilities and needs. Whether the student is an accelerated learner or has ­special needs, Mrs. Lopes is passionate about creating a positive, supportive and ­successful learning ­environment for him or her.

    Arguably as important as curriculum and placement is the classroom resources and support ACA provides students. ACA’s office and classroom headquarters is located in a quaint church in Sapulpa. Located on the edge of a quiet neighborhood (just a block off Main Street), ­students will feel welcome and safe when attending American Christian Academy. The facility is ­intimate and features plenty of desks for instruction and assessment, offices for student and parent meetings and a wealth of bookshelves filled with textbooks and supplemental literature. Of course, instructors are always a strong consideration for students and parents, alike. The educational staff, led by Rose Mary Lopes, is ­comprised of the sort of inspiring, compassionate ­educators with whom ­students enjoy working.

    If your family is ­considering a more ­individualized education ­program provided within a Christian context, then ACA in Sapulpa may offer what you are seeking. Enrollment for American Christian Academy is currently open, and is accepting admissions applications.

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