Identity Theft Prevention

Curtis Martin and Dr. Ron Kite offer information to help protect your identity from being stolen.

By: Virginia Goode | Category: Financial Services | Issue: July 2007

Curtis Martin and Dr. Ron Kite

A recent news publication notes that identity theft will increase 20 times in the next 20 months. Similar to a thief breaking into your home, being a victim of identity theft is devastating. Although nothing may appear to be missing, your rights have been violated. Like carbon monoxide, the silent killer, people do not know when it will strike.

Identity theft can unravel a person’s life. The process of restoring your name can be overwhelming and costly. It could take years and thousands of dollars, and one can never be sure if it will strike again or if the matter has been completely taken care of. Everyone should learn how to avoid identity theft and have a plan if the devastating crime does occur.

Dr. Ron Kite and Curtis Martin work with one of the largest risk management consultant firms in the world. The identity theft service they offer provides continuous, 24-hour monitoring of your identity, as well as true restoration if it does happen.

Early detection is one of the most powerful tools in protecting your credit, good name and your peace of mind. Taking preventive measures is imperative. By having Identity Theft Shield before an identity is stolen, the client can make a single call and let the licensed investigators do the work on the person’s behalf. Time and money are saved.

Martin and Dr. Kite also provide special services to business owners regarding current laws for employers. “We offer business owners an Affirmative Response Defense System at no charge to the business,” Dr. Kite says. “We give employers information for setting up the necessary meetings. We’ve done extensive work to put together a policy for every business, whether it is large or small. We have a checklist for these businesses, and we offer third party documentation to businesses to show the efforts being made to be in compliance. At no cost to the company, we train employees on what identity theft really is. While offered to businesses at no charge, the Affirmative Response Defense System effectively addresses each of the four things the government requires. The system offers a comprehensive solution to help business owners protect their assets.”

Three major federal legislations require businesses to take proactive measures in protecting nonpublic information. Understanding the laws pertaining to your business is critical, as penalties for not taking adequate measures to protect nonpublic data can be high. Betsy Broder, assistant director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, says, “We will act against businesses that fail to protect their customer data.”

“New laws require business owners to protect consumer information, and, by law, employees are consumers,” Martin explains. “We help people to be proactive in responsibly protecting their employees. Life happens. Be prepared. Our plan offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have somewhere to turn when help is most needed. Our services work together to help clients before, during and after identity theft is committed.”

Regardless of the size of your business, employers are responsible for protecting the personal data in their company’s possession. An organization’s best defense is a proactive, comprehensive and consistent position on privacy.

Gary Akin, president of the Owasso Chamber of Commerce, comments, “Dr. Ron Kite and Curtis Martin are backed by a 34-year-old New York Stock Exchange company which has demonstrated great integrity throughout its history. Business owners should give them a call and learn what your company must do to take action now and comply with identity theft laws.”

Former Oklahoma Senator John Young says, “I have practiced law all my life and stand in amazement with the knowledge that Dr. Ron Kite has acquired about identity theft. With identity theft at the forefront of public concern, legislators at the federal and state levels are taking action. If you own a business, you are responsible for safeguarding the nonpublic information that you collect. As identity theft continues to grow in our society, the people in charge of safeguarding information will be held accountable when their nonpublic information is compromised. Everyone needs a plan. I do not know of any other identity theft service that protects you before, during and after a crime has been committed. To my knowledge, this is the only program in the nation that will restore your identity once it is stolen.”

Protect the business that took so much hard work and dedication to build. Understand the risk and reduce your liabilities by educating employees and enforcing a strong privacy policy. No board or company is immune to the threat of lawsuits. Martin and Dr. Kite will help any business owner implement the Affirmative Response Defense System at no cost. A brief amount of time could save thousands of dollars when staff members understand how to protect nonpublic information.

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