iBlock - "Robotic" Total Knee Replacement

Dr. LaButti is the first orthopedic surgeon in northeast Oklahoma to perform computer-assisted robotic total knee replacement surgery.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Professional Services | Issue: May 2012

Surgical tech Frito Sifuentes and Nurse Susan Malinchak were on the team for the first iBlock total knee replacement robotic surgery with Dr. Ronald LaButti.

Surgical tech Frito Sifuentes and Nurse Susan Malinchak were on the team for the first iBlock total knee replacement robotic surgery with Dr. Ronald LaButti.

Head of the class. Compassionate. Straightforward and confident. Skillful. The best. All of these phrases have been used to describe Dr. Ronald LaButti by his patients, and with good reason.  He has proven to be devoted to his craft, helping thousands of people overcome disability and suffering associated with hip and knee pain. On April 3, 2012, Dr. LaButti made local history by being Tulsa’s first orthopedic surgeon to perform computer-assisted robotic total knee replacement surgery using the Praxim Computer-Assisted Navigation System in conjunction with the iBlock, a robotic automated cutting block which interfaces with the computer navigation system. This is a major advancement in the field of joint replacement surgery.  Dr. LaButti has been using navigation since 1999 and was the first physician to bring navigation to Oklahoma.

The brand-new technology produces a 3-D image of the knee, which allows for superior surgical accuracy and alignment. The iBlock and NanoBlock ­cutting guides, part of the Praxim System, offer real-time virtual planning technology ­followed by automated ­placement of the cutting guide, which allows the surgeon to make more precise bone cuts. This creates optimal alignment between the knee implant and surrounding bones. The automated, computer-assisted navigation system which Dr. LaButti used is only the fifth of its kind in the entire country.

“I am very excited to offer this extraordinary technology to my patients,” says Dr. LaButti. “When compared to more traditional forms of navigation, the iBlock cutting guide provides a significant advantage not only for the surgeon, but for the patient as well. When a joint is replaced, even a miniscule misalignment between the implant and the bones can harm joint performance and longevity. This innovative technique allows for precise measurements made dynamically in real time.”

Most conventional total knee replacements require ­surgeons to temporarily drive a rod into the bones to serve as an anchor for the cutting devices. The Praxim System eliminates the need for the rod, reducing the risk of formation of potentially dangerous emboli to the brain. Another benefit is that patients using the Praxim system do not need additional MRI or CT scans, minimizing exposure to radiation, as well as reducing time and costs.

Dr. LaButti is very pleased to offer this technology to his patients, as their wellbeing and success is his ultimate goal. “I am extremely proud to be Tulsa’s first orthopedic surgeon to offer patients access to the most advanced technology in the field of joint replacement,” says Dr. LaButti. “It’s an amazing system that is highly accurate, creating a more precise ­alignment and fit that will feel better and last longer. This is important news, especially now that baby boomers are getting joint replacements at even younger ages.”

There are only five iBlock units in the United States, and Dr. LaButti is the only ­orthopedic surgeon in northeast Oklahoma trained to use this technology. If you have knee pain or have been told you need a knee replacement, you owe it to yourself to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. LaButti.

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