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How Nutrition Helps Reverse Early Stage Disease

Nutritional Response Seminar Set for November 7.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Consumer News | Issue: November 2006

Dr. Charles Fleming takes a stand for proper nutritional knowledge.

“There’s a disturbing trend of poor health among Americans, due in large part to a lack of nutritional knowledge,” states Dr. Charles Fleming, of Fleming Chiropractic. Dr. Fleming is trying to reverse the trend through nutritional awareness and education. As a 20-year veteran in chiropractic care, he brings his years of experience to his Broken Arrow clinic, where he has served patients for six years.

“In the past six years, I’ve seen the need for nutritional counseling on the rise. People are best served when they know how food intake interacts with the body’s daily requirements,” Dr. Fleming adds.

Dr. Fleming points out that nutrition may, or may not, be the primary cause of a health issue. If one is suffering from poor nutritional practices, it is unlikely that chiropractic treatment will be of value by itself in correcting the problem. And conversely, if one has a medical issue that could be corrected or improved through chiropractic, it may not necessarily be improved solely by better nutritional practices.

This approach to diagnosis has led the doctor to be an advocate for nutritional education as well as chiropractic. Most people appreciate someone guiding them and providing sound assistance to get them back on track, whether their health needs are nutrition-based or not.

There is so much information available in the marketplace today, that it is no surprise that people get confused, not only with the countless questions they have, but also with the confusing, and often conflicting, answers they are provided. For example, someone hears about calcium’s benefits, so they load up on calcium-based foods or supplements. Without proper knowledge, this could be a meaningless effort. Most of us aren’t bio-chemists; therefore our ability to sort through the limitless data available is often frustrating.

Fleming expresses disappointment that many dollars are wasted on the wrong, or ineffective, nutritional products. He wants all of us to be informed, whereby we might do a better job of sorting through the mass of nutritional data available to us.

Dr. Fleming suggests we ask ourselves two questions: “Is it nutritional, and where do I go for help?”

In his experience, “Best results are achieved utilizing fewer products and accurate symptom evaluation is a must.”

“Symptoms do help reveal physical problems affecting us, although there may be less problems present which may only be diagnosed with more thorough testing.”

“Nutritional Response Testing” assists Dr. Fleming in assessing the patient. Through it he may be able to analyze what a person’s body is in need of, and what and where to recommend assistance.

“High blood pressure, for example, could be caused by a multitude of things. It’s imperative to get the numbers where they should be, and find out what caused the problem.”

Our bodies respond to inside and outside factors. When certain stimuli are present, the body reacts.

“Blood pressure, pulse, adrenaline, etc. are responders. What causes them to respond should be analyzed and any abnormal responses may be helped by nutrition.”

The human body is designed to function in proper balance and in proper alignment. Dr. Fleming refers to this as “homeostasis”; it means that our bodies strive to cause its functions to remain the same, creating a sense of wellness.

“My bottom-line goal is to help people determine whether or not they have a nutritional problem. I want to help them make sense of what their body may be telling them.

Nutritional maladies may begin to compound when they are stacked one upon the other. And, each person may require a different nutritional approach.”

Dr. Fleming offers a Nutritional Response Seminar to address a variety of questions and health-related issues. Topics include: How stress, high blood pressure and cholesterol affect our health, and specific evaluation of nutritional based problems.

Informational hand-outs will include self-tests. If interested, a screening can determine if you have nutritional issues.

The next seminar is November 7, at the Broken Arrow Holiday Inn Express (across from the Bass Pro Shop). Registration begins at 6:45 p.m., and it’s FREE! Refreshments will be provided.

Dr. Charles Fleming wants to make us nutritionally smart through education. November 7 is an opportunity for you to take advantage of his experience and acquire new health knowledge that might surprise you! Plan now to attend the Nutritional Response Seminar.

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