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Lincoln Mercury of Tulsa’s Service Manager, Kelly Casey, runs department with integrity.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Automotive | Issue: March 2007

Kelly Casey (Service Manager) and Service Consultants Jennifer Carlile, Janet Schiefen and Steve Eaves are always eager to provide service customers with integrity and caring at Lincoln Mercury of Tulsa.

Kelly Casey, Service Manager for Lincoln Mercury of Tulsa, runs her department with the utmost honesty and integrity. Casey says, “I focus on the needs of the customer. He or she obviously has a vehicle with a problem or they would not be here. But, we have to look beyond that to the total needs of the customer who has errands to run, things to do, places to be, transportation duties, and more. Their concern is how quickly we can get their vehicles fixed and back to them. The customer’s needs go way beyond the fact that their vehicle is not working properly.”

According to Casey, “The customer has to know that this shop is run with the very highest degree of honesty and integrity. I’m huge on that! Our service department is all about the customer and their total needs. I know this is easy to say and very difficult to deliver, but I really believe it. Our department’s job is all about nurturance, and we do our best to provide that affectionate care and attention to everyone who drives into our shop.”

If you spend any time near the check in counter of the Service Department, it is obvious that each service consultant has the attribute of making eye contact with their customers and genuinely listening to them as they describe the problems they are having with their vehicle and many times, how they will be inconvenienced while their vehicle is in the shop.

Ms. Casey is also very proud of the 15-year average tenure of her department’s employees. According to her, “We have some techs who have been here forever!”

“Our department’s employees are family people themselves and they respect the schedules of our customers. We know what the hustle bustle lifestyle of today really is and how important the vehicle is to each individual and family. We try to get our customers in and out as quickly as possible and when necessary, address their emergencies,” says Casey.

The Service Department at Linclon Mercury likes to be thorough with each service opportunity. “We realize that vehicles are very difficult to repair today,” reminds Casey, “and each automobile is a system, a rolling computer. Many problems customers experienced with their vehicle may have a list of components to be diagnosed to determine exactly what is causing the problem.”

It is obvious, with the complexity of today’s vehicles, that the “shade tree mechanic” is a term of the past. All of the Lincoln Mercury of Tulsa service technicians are factory trained and each attends periodic classes enabling them to provide the ultimate service for today’s automobiles.

The Lincoln Mercury facility at 96th & Memorial has recently consolidated with the store at 4111 South Memorial. Lincoln Mercury of Tulsa, on the corner of 41st & Memorial, is now the exclusive Lincoln Mercury store in Tulsa. Immediately following consolidation, dozens of customers called Kelly to make sure she was still with the company and to find out where she would be located. Kelly says, “I was touched by their concern and their confidence. This truly showed us that our customers trust us and know that their needs are a priority with us.”

When your automobile has a service need, take it to Lincoln Mercury of Tulsa. Take it where you know you will be treated with integrity.

For more information, contact

Lincoln Mercury of Tulsa

4111 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa, OK 74145
(918) 280-6200

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