Hips Hurt No More

Dolores Qualls of Pryor recommends orthopedic surgeon Dr. LaButti after two successful hip replacements.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: October 2013

Dr. Ronald S. LaButti.

Dr. Ronald S. LaButti.

Dolores Qualls, of Pryor, Oklahoma, has had total hip replacement surgeries for both hips with Dr. Ronald S. LaButti. “I was having great pain in the upper area of my left leg and hip,” Dolores says. “It got to the point that ­walking had become difficult. The pain kept me awake at night. I’m over 65 and ­diabetic, so these sorts of issues weren’t entirely ­unexpected, but the pain was not manageable at all.”

    Dolores had her left hip replaced by Dr. LaButti in December of 2010. In May of this year, she went back to have her right knee replaced. “I had a good experience,” she says. “I found the staff to be professional, efficient, and genuinely interested in my ­situation. My recovery went well. Dr. LaButti prescribed enough care afterward to ensure my complete recovery: I had at-home nursing care and physical therapy, and I also had several weeks of ­physical therapy in a local facility. After having both hips replaced, I now walk without a limp, and I’m pain-free. Dr. LaButti has restored my ­quality of life, and I’m extremely happy.”

    Dolores has referred a number of patients to Dr. LaButti, she says, and their surgeries were also successful.

    She works for the USDA as the county executive ­director for Craig, Ottawa and Delaware Counties. She enjoys vacationing and ­spending time with her large family, and she is active in her church, North Elliot Church of God in Pryor.

    Dr. LaButti, a ­board-certified orthopedic surgeon, has served thousands of ­satisfied patients. Dr. LaButti is fellowship trained in lower extremity and joint ­reconstruction, and offers a complete range of nonsurgical knee and hip treatments, with surgery as a last resort. These options include exercise and physical therapy, guidance for rest and self-care, at-home pain relief, personalized joint care treatment plans, and nutritional supplements. If surgery does prove necessary, Dr. LaButti offers a wide selection of joint procedures, including partial and total joint replacements, traditional open procedures, and ­minimally invasive ­arthroscopic procedures.

    “Dr. LaButti has given my life back to me,” Dolores says. “I was in a great deal of pain for a long time; now I’m fully functional, with no pain. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

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Dr. Ronald S. LaButti

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