Hip, Hip, Hurray!

Janean McCorkle of Broken Arrow is shouting the praises of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ron LaButti.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: December 2012

Janean McCorkle now lives pain-free thanks to her ­orthopedic surgeon, Dr. LaButti.

Janean McCorkle now lives pain-free thanks to her ­orthopedic surgeon, Dr. LaButti.

Janean McCorkle of Broken Arrow was born in 1956 with congenital hip dislocation: her hip socket hadn’t formed ­correctly, so her hip bone would slide back and forth. Unable to crawl as an infant, Janean spent two years in a splint.

    In 2002, Janean’s knee gave out and she fell down a flight of stairs. Over the next seven years, she developed increasing pain in her right thigh and a severe limp. One of her friends had ­undergone knee replacement ­surgery with Dr. Ronald LaButti years before, and Janean went to him on the basis of that glowing recommendation.

    “Dr. LaButti ordered hip ­X-rays, which showed that I was bone-on-bone in my right hip,” says Janean. “He had me get a steroid injection in my right hip to see if I was a good candidate for hip replacement. That one shot took all my pain away instantly.”

    After the shot, Janean ­experienced substantially less pain, she says, and she underwent hip replacement surgery on her hip in April, 2010. “My hip was a mess when Dr. LaButti did the operation. Bone grafting had to be done. After the surgery, I had six weeks of recuperation and then four weeks of physical therapy. Dr. LaButti had done such a good job that my physical therapist was amazed at how well I was doing. I had his notes sent to my therapist, and she said that in all her years, she had never seen such meticulous notes.”

    Later, arthritis caused Janean’s left hip to deteriorate, causing her thigh pain. She went back to Dr. LaButti, and in June of 2012, she had her left hip replaced. “The left wasn’t as bad as my right, and I bounced right back after the surgery, with no therapy needed,” she says. “I went back to work in just three weeks, and after both surgeries, I needed very little pain ­medication.”

    Janean is effusive in her praise for Dr. LaButti. “He gave me my life back,” she says. “I didn’t think it was possible to feel this good again. I know why people come from out of state to see him – his talent, his ­knowledge of new technology, and his compassion for his patients and their families. I’ve recommended him to many ­people.”

    Janean calls herself Dr. LaButti’s poster child for total hip replacement. “I wish my mother-in-law could have gone to Dr. LaButti – she had both hips done, and after the second, she said, ‘Never again.’ She lived with post-operative pain until the day she died,” says Janean. “But Dr. LaButti is amazing – no one has to endure hip or knee pain when he’s right here in Tulsa. Dr. LaButti and his staff made me feel like myself again, and I’m eternally grateful to all of them.”

    For more information on Dr. LaButti or knee or hip replacement surgery, visit www.hipandkneedoc.com.

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