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Claremore Surgeons is a hometown option worth your consideration.

By: Shelly Robinson | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: July 2010

Drs. Kyle Hrdlicka and Larry Brotherton of Claremore Surgeons and The Vascular & Vein Laser Center.

Drs. Kyle Hrdlicka and Larry Brotherton of Claremore Surgeons and The Vascular & Vein Laser Center.

When you are in need of surgery, Claremore Surgeons is a hometown option worth your consideration. The attractive landscaping and unassuming stone building tucked away in the Doctor’s Park at 1220 N. Florence Ave. provides a calming welcome to a high-tech surgical facility. From appendectomies to no-scalpel vasectomies, Claremore Surgeons offers high-tech care with hometown comfort.

Kyle Hrdlicka, D.O., and Larry Brotherton, M.D., offer a full range of laparoscopic and general surgical procedures, ranging from minimally invasive surgery, such as moles, lumps and bumps, to more involved procedures such as gallbladders, hernias and hemorrhoids. Procedures are performed in the surgical suites at their offices, at Claremore Regional Medical Center or at St. John’s Hospital in Owasso.   

They perform a number of specialized procedures as well, including the MammoSite® Radiation Therapy System, which treats breast cancer patients with five days of treatment, as opposed to the traditional six to eight weeks. Dr. Brotherton says it is a good option for properly selected patients and eliminates the tiresome routine of daily treatments for several weeks at a time. The doctors at Claremore Surgeons also utilize SenoRx products that allow ultrasound imaging and biopsy of the breast tissue in one step.

A specialty of Dr. Hrdlicka’s is the treatment of venous reflux disease. He treats varicose and spider veins using the Closure Procedure from VNUS® Medical Technologies, a minimally invasive approach that eliminates the pain and bruising associated with vein stripping surgery. ELAS, or endoluminal ablation of the saphenous vein, is also used and has many advantages. The patient can walk immediately, and the pain caused by veins is immediately relieved and appearance greatly improved.  

“We are very up to date on the latest procedures and resources available to assist our patients,” said Dr. Brotherton. “It doesn’t take a multi-story mega building with huge parking lots and hundreds of employees to care for a patient. In fact, we feel that the procedures we perform are at the same level or better because our patients receive more personal attention.” Dr. Hrdlicka agrees, “We have a high level of accountability because we see our patients at the grocery store and the ballgame and around town on a regular basis. They know who we are and we like it that way.”  

Dr. Kyle Hrdlicka joined the 40-year-old practice in 2000, and eventually took over for his father, Dr. Larry Hrdlicka, and Dr. Larry Young, as they retired. He graduated from Claremore High School and OU, and is a board-certified surgeon and a member of several professional organizations. He and his family live in the Claremore community, and he said he enjoys working with the staff at Claremore Regional Hospital when a patient requires inpatient care. He also has a very good relationship with surgical groups in Tulsa when a patient requires long-term acute care.

Dr. Larry Brotherton is a self-proclaimed “transplant” to Claremore, but says he considers it home because he’s been here since 2005, and growing up in a military family meant moving a lot. The board-certified surgeon comes to Claremore by way of Notre Dame and the University of Kansas. “I love the atmosphere of Claremore and the pace of life here. The people here are genuine and I appreciate that.” His wife, Dr. Michelle Brotherton, is an OB/GYN.

Both doctors encourage their patients to put modern medicine to work for them. “We aren’t as dramatic as ‘ER’ or as glamorous as ‘Nip/Tuck,’ but we can vastly improve the quality of life for our patients and help them detect problems early,” said Dr. Hrdlicka. One screening the doctors highly recommend is a colonoscopy, a routine procedure that is quick, affords very little discomfort, and provides the physician with an unobstructed view of the colon. “We recommend a colonoscopy for anyone over the age of 50 and one every 10 years thereafter,” says Dr. Hrdlicka. “There are certain risk factors that would warrant more frequent procedures.”

The friendly and helpful office staff will guide patients through the process of precertification, billing, pre-op and post-op procedures. Patients can check the website at www.claremoresurgeons.com for more information on procedures available, pre-op and post-op instructions, downloadable forms and online bill payment.

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