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Lewis and Patricia Armbrister, owners of the Rogers County Fence Company, now offer Derksen Portable Buildings.

By: Sarah Mitschke | Category: Lawn & Garden | Issue: June 2007

The Armbristers proudly display one of their Derksen Portable Buildings.

Having owned the Rogers County Fence Company since 1968, Lewis and Patricia Armbrister of Claremore had received dozens of inquiries by customers about where to find quality portable buildings. Lewis says he was not able to recommend anything to his customers because the buildings he had seen “just were not built right.” The couple finally discovered Derksen Portable Buildings and became an independent dealer of the reliable buildings.

Derksen Portable Buildings is a Kentucky-based company, offering high-quality buildings that are built by Mennonite craftsmen. The Armbristers chose to sell the Derksen brand over others for a number of reasons. Instead of plywood and staples, Derksen buildings are crafted with tresses, and all exposed material is pressure-treated. The reinforced doors on the buildings are designed to seal out rain and rodents and are key-locked for security. Also, all exposed nails are galvanized to avoid rust spots or stains, while offering maximum strength. Lewis says, “Our customers have never had problems with the Derksen buildings, but the company is willing to fix its buildings if anything ever happens.”

Derksen Portable Buildings offers a hassle-free, rent-to-own policy. An alternative to warehousing, customers can lease the buildings for 36 months at rental rates comparable to other storage options. At the end of the term, customers own their Derksen building. No credit applications have to be filled out, and customers are not required to keep the buildings. An added bonus, the buildings can be paid off at any time with no penalties.

The Armbristers have been selling Derksen Portable Buildings since October 2006. New to the business, the couple is proud to offer buildings that last for years. “We’re excited to serve northeast Oklahoma with quality, portable buildings,” says Patricia. With siding guaranteed to last up to 40 years and roofs that last up to 20 years, Derksen Portable Buildings are guaranteed to perform.

Delivery and installation is free with the lease of any Derksen Portable Building. Lewis says, “Derksen sends people out from Sapulpa to transport and set up all the buildings we sell.” Customers can keep their tool sets put away. The entire process is simpler than buying portable buildings from competing companies, and the buildings are guaranteed to be free of defects.

Many uses are offered by the wide variety of Derksen Portable Buildings. Cabins, barns, lofted barns, lofted barn cabins, cottage sheds, portable garages, utility sheds and garden sheds are just a few of the Derksen buildings sold at the Armbristers’ home. Some people choose to make additional storage out of the buildings, while others use them for add-on offices or for small businesses such as coffee or t-shirt shops. Patricia says, “I knew a couple who bought one of our buildings for a lake cottage.”

Oologah residents can also expect an Armbrister-owned branch of Derksen Portable Buildings to open in their area soon. For now, Lewis and Patricia Armbrister, residents of Claremore since 1953, welcome all customers to check out the variety of buildings they sell at their home. Customers are guaranteed to be satisfied, not just with the excellent customer service offered by the Armbristers, but with the quality of their portable buildings.

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