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High Performance Tanning

Broken Arrow’s Golden Tan has been in business at 121st & Elm for 14 years.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: March 2009

Co-owner Brandy Henry displays the huge variety of tanning lotions available at Golden Tan in Broken Arrow.

Broken Arrow’s Golden Tan has been in business at 121st & Elm for 14 years. Co-owner Brandy Henry says the facility is equipped with four Ultrabronz Model 818 tanning beds, one 12-minute medium pressure bed, and one 10-minute medium pressure bed, both with very highly reflective (VHR) bulbs. VHR bulbs focus and concentrate rays to improve efficient tanning.

The Ultrabronz unit is recognized throughout the tanning market as a high-quality, high-performance bed. According to Henry, “The Ultrabronz filters out 99 percent of harmful UV rays, therefore permitting patrons to tan for up to 30 minutes per session. The Ultrabronz was originally developed to treat jaundiced babies and persons with conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It is one of the most popular tanning beds in use.” Henry says that one session on the Ultrabronz has the same effect as six to eight regular tanning sessions. “It’s a quick fix and ideal for getting a tan for a special occasion that may have sneaked up on you.”

Most Golden Tan patrons utilize the Ultrabronz unit to maintain their tans, and many enjoy the benefits of it year-round. Other clients have been referred to Golden Tan by physicians. If you have fair skin and it is highly important that you do not burn, Henry says that the Ultrabronz is the best and safest way to go about maintaining your tan.  

Male and female patrons come to Golden Tan, and the mix is both young and adult. “Men seem to feel very comfortable here,” explains Henry, “because we don’t have the ‘beauty thing’ going on.” The atmosphere is relaxed, and customers just come in to get their tan and go on their way. A lot of golfers utilize the facility, and Henry says many wives have dragged their husbands in for some tanning prior to departing on a cruise. Some of these men enjoyed the experience so much they became regulars.

Traditional eye protection or a disposable variety is furnished to each patron and is a requirement strictly adhered to at Golden Tan. Failure to utilize protective eyewear could result in severe burns or long-term damage to your eyes. Each bed has been cleaned and sanitized, and has clean coverings in place prior to every customer’s session in one of the private tanning rooms.

Golden Tan also has a lobby gift shop that is full of a variety of contemporary purses offered at great values. The gift shop additionally features items such as jewelry, wallets, compacts, business card holders, purse hooks and much more.

Another feature of the gift shop is a huge wall display of tanning lotions with a great variety of types and brands. Lotions not only help condition your skin and enhance the tanning process, but they also help prolong your tan. New products for 2009 are already on the shelves.

Both indoor and outdoor tanning attains results through ultraviolet (UV) light. The main benefit of tanning indoors is that you are able to maintain your tan throughout the year as well as control and limit the amount of UV exposure to your skin to prevent overexposure and undesirable burning. Call (918) 451-4653 or stop by Golden Tan to get additional information about the safety benefits of tanning indoors.

For more information, contact

Golden Tan

6505 S. Elm Pl.
Broken Arrow, OK 74011
(918) 451-4653

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Golden Tan

For more information, contact:

Golden Tan

121 St. South & Elm Place | Broken Arrow, OK

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