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Helping You Hear Again

Tracy helps people like Bob rediscover the joy of hearing at Lifestyles Hearing Aid Centers.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: August 2010

Tracy Collins-Searcy can help you rediscover the joy of hearing again at LifeStyles Hearing Aid Centers.

Tracy Collins-Searcy can help you rediscover the joy of hearing again at LifeStyles Hearing Aid Centers.

Birds singing in the trees – it is a sound that most of us associate with pleasant feelings and probably take for granted. But it is a sound that “Bob” found to be jarring one day while he was out playing golf with friends. That is because he hadn’t heard the sound for so long – and now it was coming in a loud cacophony into his ears via his new hearing aid.

“Bob said it was annoying at first, but he said it with a big smile,” says Tracy Collins-Searcy of Lifestyles Hearing Aid Centers. “He was glad to be able to hear that sound frequency again.”

Tracy helps people like Bob rediscover the joy of hearing at Lifestyles Hearing Aid Centers. Patients such as this one have often suffered such a gradual loss of hearing that they don’t even realize how bad it is until they actually have the problem treated.

Tracy reports that hearing loss can occur for a multitude of reasons. Age is the main factor, as most of us suffer from at least a little hearing loss as we grow older. Other factors include exposure to loud noise such as music, adverse reactions to certain medications, ear infections, trauma to the ear or head, genetics, and disease. With the gradual onset, it is often hard to detect, but there are some signs to watch for, including straining to understand in conversation and asking others to repeat themselves, feeling that others are mumbling, missing details at important meetings or classes because you did not hear them, playing the radio or television at an annoyingly high level, missing the doorbell or telephone ring, or reading the lips of others to understand them.

These symptoms are almost a certain sign of hearing loss, and this is where a visit to someone like Tracy is a must. Tracy will perform an audiometric evaluation in order to diagnose the level of your hearing loss, examine your ear and eardrums, and determine whether you need further medical treatment or if she can help fit you with the proper hearing device.

Tracy has true empathy for the hearing impaired, as she herself has experienced the pain of ear problems and hearing loss. She is sensitive to the needs of those who seek her help, and completes 50 hours of continuing education a year, which is above and beyond what is required in her field. She performs hearing evaluations on anyone 18 and older, and Lifestyles Hearing Aid Centers offers the latest technology not only in hearing aids and fitting, but assistive listening devices as well, such as special doorbells, vibrating alarm clocks, amplified telephones and mobile phone solutions. Expert repairs and service are also available for every make and model, which is significant because, as Tracy notes, “As hearing aids become more technical there are fewer ‘in office’ repairs that can be made. All hearing aids that are under warranty and need repair will be sent to the manufacturer for service and repairs, and we use several ‘All-Make’ repair labs for hearing aids that are out of warranty.”

Tracy Collins-Searcy has truly dedicated her life to helping those who suffer from hearing loss. If you have struggled with the symptoms but have been too embarrassed to admit the problem – or if you already have faced the problem and just want the best care possible – be sure to pay Tracy a visit and allow her to help improve your hearing, and thus improve your quality of life.

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