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Select Life Management provides seniors and their families with a staff of professional advocates.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Special Interest | Issue: September 2007

Catherine Welsh, attorney and counselor-at-law, specializes in elder law. She and her clients have benefited from the services of Select Life Management.

Select Life Management is a division of Senior Select, a well-established, locally-owned home health care company. Having been in business since 1998, the company understands the impact that aging has on individual and family dynamics. Select Life Management takes a comprehensive approach to assessing, analyzing, implementing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the full spectrum of life faced by seniors. It provides each client with an advocate in all elder care issues and helps facilitate and enhance their quality of life.

Elder lawyers assist seniors by providing them with or advising them of available services. Catherine Welsh, an attorney and counselor-at-law, specializes in elder law. Welsh says she occasionally gets phone calls from people saying, “Mom isn’t doing well. She’s extremely demented and forgetful, not remembering to do things that are generally routine.” One elderly woman consistently began thinking there was a prowler in her home and frequently called the police. In cases like this, families become extremely concerned and begin to have questions such as “Is now the time? Is it the right thing to do?”

In such situations, Welsh explains the legal process of obtaining a guardianship or the legal, durable power of attorney. She frequently recommends the services of Select Life Management to aid families by professionally assessing each situation and making recommendations to resolve issues. The elderly family member’s welfare is always at the forefront. Seeing the total picture, family members understand their options and are better equipped to make responsible decisions from both legal and caring perspectives.

Welsh also describes a situation in which an elderly gentleman was in a third marriage. He suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, and the children from his first marriage had speculations that his new wife was not taking very good care of him. His children thought their father would be better off if they moved him closer to them. Although they thought they could provide better care for their father, they had actually taken him from his distraught, legal wife. Whether the kids liked her or not, she was still their father’s wife.

In this extreme case, Select Life Management was brought in to see if the gentleman was medically and mentally stable enough to return to his wife. The staff talked to doctors and nurses and determined it was safe to fly him back “home.” Two Select Life Management representatives also accompanied the gentleman on the plane to assist him and help him feel comfortable. He was quite happy and told war stories to his new friends during the flight home. The elderly couple has home health care, are able to be together and are currently doing quite well.

“Select Life Management is a great intermediary for families or individuals,” Welsh says. “It has a professional staff that is qualified to assess individuals with medical, health or cognitive problems. It provides families with someone nearby to answer questions and council them through decision-making processes.” After Select Life Management steps in, families can work thorough legal council for finalizing details and goals for their elderly family member. Seniors, who still have the foresight to plan ahead, often initiate these services themselves.

If you or a loved one is looking for an expert to help oversee and coordinate medical, social, legal and emotional needs, give Select Life Management a call today at (918) 432-2100. An experienced care manager will promptly provide you with valuable information to help in making sound decisions concerning elder care and related issues.

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