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Help With Your Honey-Do List

“I’ll do your home improvement project right, and I’ll treat you fairly.”

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2008

Not only is Rick James a third-generation tile layer who learned the trade from his father and grandfather, he is also licensed in commercial heat and air and can do just about any remodeling job for the home or office. In addition, Rick is a Rainhandler gutter distributor for northeastern Oklahoma. His numerous other services include lawn care and landscaping, tree removal and trimming, and his latest specialty – completing that list of “honey-do” projects you’ve been ignoring for years.

When you’re talking with Rick, you can’t help but smile because he smiles a lot. He’s a positive, upbeat individual whose demeanor says, “I’ll do your home improvement project right, and I’ll treat you fairly.” This is a man who obviously likes what he does and enjoys doing a project the proper way.

Rick encourages patrons to make a list of anything around their home or office that needs repair, and he will give you a cost estimate to do the work – all or any portion of it. Your list may include items such as sheet rocking, installing ceiling fans, replacing toilet seats and lids, installing privacy fences (the individual slat type or the pre-assembled type), installing custom countertops and backsplashes, installing or adjusting cabinet doors, and mounting interior or exterior doors.

When you place a call to Son Home Maintenance, Rick will always call you back. “If I can’t complete a project you request, I guarantee that I will find someone who can do it for you,” he says. Rick also extends a discount to senior citizens. Estimates are free, and the customer is under no obligation once the estimate is received.

Rick enjoys working outside, even in cold, nasty weather, and he did a lot of tree trimming and broken branch removal after last winter’s ice storm. He will mow yards, and do any other type of yard-related work including flowerbeds, berms, landscaping, and trimming hedges.  One of his specialties is security landscaping, or landscaping that makes it difficult for an outsider to enter your home or business through the windows.  

If you’ve reached an age where you no longer have the desire or ability to do home chores from your never-ending list, Rick will discuss your specific needs with you and recommend a tailor-made home maintenance plan. Tasks may include checking and changing light bulbs, turning on pilot lights, or changing air conditioner or furnace filters on a scheduled basis.

If you’ve sustained concrete driveway or curb damage, Rick can repair or replace the damaged areas.

The Rainhandler that Son Home Maintenance is a distributor of is not your typical guttering product. It’s a rain dispersal system designed to divert runoff rainwater from your roof over a two to three foot wide band surrounding the home or office. The system converts rainwater to soft, rain-sized droplets, which are gently sprinkled onto your landscape. Therefore, the water is not wasted. The system is self-cleaning and permanently eliminates clogged and overflowing gutters. It won’t rust, is basically maintenance free, and has a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can learn more about Rainhandler products online at

For just about any home project or improvement need you have, Rick James will give you a free estimate wearing a smile on his face. 

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Blankenship graduated from the University of Oklahoma and has enjoyed a lifetime career in advertising. He started his own advertising business in 1993 and enjoys creating graphic art and writing. Hobbies include hunting, fishing and pencil drawings. Duane and his wife, Janice, have been married over 50 years and are active in their church and community. He has been a contributing writer for Value News/Values Magazine since 2005.

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