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Assisted Transition provides free senior living and referral services for the greater Tulsa area.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Professional Services | Issue: January 2013

Michelle Brown and Mark Smith, owners of 
Assisted Transition.

Michelle Brown and Mark Smith, owners of Assisted Transition.

Do you have an elderly loved one – perhaps your mother, father or a grandparent – whose current home is no longer the best place to live? The reasons for needing to transition into an independent living community, residential care home, assisted living facility or nursing home are vast and may include declining physical or mental health, lack of a support system available in case of ­emergency, or inability to take care of home maintenance needs. “Many people realize, ‘This is what we need to do,’ but they’re unsure exactly how to go about it,” says Michelle Brown, co-owner of Assisted Transition with Mark Smith. “Our services are geared toward families that have planned ahead and are prepared for the change, but need help in finding the right home for their loved one.”

    Assisted Transition offers free senior living placement and referral services for the greater Tulsa area. “We are able to assist families in finding the right assisted living community, ­independent living community, residential care home, nursing home, home care provider, or memory support/Alzheimer’s community for their loved one’s needs,” explains Michelle, a ­registered nurse with a specialty in home health. “We are also able to help find the right respite short-term stay and hospice care.”     

    All services are provided at no cost. A meeting is scheduled between either Michelle or Mark and the senior and their family, either at the Assisted Transition office or at the person’s home. “We assess their situation and match their needs and wants with what is available in the ­community,” says Michelle. “Factors may include price, ­geographic location, services available, environment of the facility, and much more. As a registered nurse for 28 years, I am also able to read between the lines and provide insight into the senior’s needs that the family may not be aware of.”

    After the initial meeting to establish the senior’s needs and preferences, Mark or Michelle will narrow down the choices available and personally tour and evaluate the facilities. Upon determining the best options available, they will personally drive the senior and family to the best matched locations for a guided tour. Once a selection has been made and the person moved to the right facility, they follow up to ensure that all expectations have been met.

    Co-owner Mark Smith wishes he’d had access to this service when it was time for his father, who had Alzheimer’s disease, to move out of his home. “He was a wanderer, and we unknowingly placed him in a home that was not able to care for his needs. He was only there for a very short time before we had to move him again. In addition to the distress, we were out several thousand dollars. If I had been given some advice like Assisted Transition offers, this situation could have been avoided.”  

    Assisted Transition also works with the VA to assist veterans in making sure they receive their full benefits. This service is especially close to Mark’s heart, as he is a veteran of the Aviation Branch of the United States Army.

    Michelle and Mark truly care about seniors in our ­community and want to provide families the resources they need to make the transition as ­comfortable as possible. “This is a difficult and confusing time for families, and our goal is to make this change easier and less stressful for everyone involved, with personalized, compassionate, selfless service,” says Michelle.

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