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Tulsa Hearing Technologies urges those with hearing loss to embrace the new advances in hearing technology.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: June 2007

Tulsa Hearing Technologies’ Tracy Searcy, vice president, and Kevin McDugle, president, provide the latest advancements to help your hearing.

Tulsa Hearing Technologies, LLC, which is a partnership of Kevin McDugle, president, and Tracy Searcy, vice president, is enjoying a new office at 71st Street and Sheridan. McDugle manages the business portion of the company, while Searcy performs hearing tests, makes product recommendations and fits patients for hearing aids. As a trainer and hearing instrument specialist, Searcy has consulted with hundreds of audiologists nationally.

While many people use hearing aids, most still cannot hear to the full potential that some hearing aids offer. Although hearing technology is constantly changing, much like computer technology, many people insist on wearing devices that do not assist their hearing. “We feel it is our responsibility to do ongoing research to locate the world’s best products and price ranges for our patients,” says McDugle.

Modern hearing technology can help hearing in even the most obvious situations. A prime example is trying to hear a sporting event on television. State-of-the-art technology now employs a loop to help someone with a hearing device to clearly hear a program without having to crank up the volume. The sound systems in most churches can also be wired with a hearing loop to permit those with hearing devices to clearly hear. Of course not all hearing devices are compatible with the loop, but the majority of recent models will be.

At the age of 20, McDugle joined the Marine Corps. After three combat tours and several other missions, his hearing had been permanently damaged due to overexposure to high noise levels. He later discovered his discomfort of being in any setting that was contaminated with background noises. “What a blessing it is today to have hearing aids that allow me to enjoy the sounds of life going on around me,” says McDugle.

With the simple click of a button, settings can be changed on hearing devices to fit the environment and effectively eliminate background clutter. There are even “smart” hearing aids on the market that automatically make optimal adjustments for the user. An extra luxury, many hearing devices no longer need to have their batteries replaced as often. There are also designs available today that have rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries can be replaced with regular batteries in case the charger is forgotten.

Many people in the baby boomers generation have become candidates for hearing help. State-of-the-art technology now delivers appealing hearing devices that transcend all generations. Some hearing devices are even armed with bluetooth technology, allowing the user to communicate or listen to cell phone conversations through their hearing aids. Some hearing devices also allow for input from an iPod.

If you or anyone you know has an old hearing aid that is no longer used, Tulsa Hearing Technologies invites you to send or bring the device to them. Units will be refurbished and sent with teams of audiologists and hearing specialists into the mission field. The old devices will be used to restore hearing to followers of the ministry. “Anyone who brings us a hearing aid for donation to the mission field will qualify for a free hearing evaluation,” adds McDugle.

Hearing is a valuable gift. None of us wants to miss out on what is going on around us, nor do we want others to constantly repeat things we fail to hear. If you are tired of old technology, do not give up. “Let us test your hearing,” says Searcy, “We will demonstrate the latest hearing technology available to you right here in our office.” Call Tulsa Hearing Technologies today at (918) 394-4327 for a hearing evaluation.

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