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Walgreens introduces fresh, new lines of organic skincare.

By: Lei Rumley | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: September 2007

Displaying several new, organic products are Reannen Morgan, cosmetics supervisor for the Oklahoma City area, and Shayne Hollock, cosmetics supervisor for the Tulsa area.

Much of what we put on our skin is absorbed directly into our bodies. As Walgreens cosmetics experts can attest, many people have had an increased interest in finding organic skincare products. As a result, Walgreens is now offering six natural skin lines.

Shayne Hollock, Walgreens cosmetics supervisor for the Tulsa area, says, “Antioxidants are the number one request from women.” Antioxidants, which strengthen our immune systems to resist diseases, can be found in plant-based items such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. Organic skincare products contain antioxidant ingredients, as well as other nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and herbs. These organic ingredients are grown without using any unnatural substances such as synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Walgreens has been carrying the entire line of popular, earth-friendly Burt’s Bees products for a long time. In August, an assortment of goods from Alba, Avalon, Derma E, Dr. Bronner’s, Giovanni, Weleda and Yes To Carrots was introduced to the store. Such items vary in availability by store and are priced anywhere from $3.49 to $27.99.

Exclusive to Walgreens is Yes To Carrots, a new paraben-free concept in skin and hair care. The line combines vitamins and minerals with juices from orange-colored produce groups, as well as Dead Sea mud. Ingredients such as carrots, pumpkins, melons and oranges are used in the line, all of which contain beta-carotene, known for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties. The Dead Sea mud contains 26 minerals and elements known to improve cell metabolism and stabilize the moisture content of the skin.

Yes to Carrots’ face care, enriched with carrot seed oil and cucumber juice, is like a juice smoothie for the face. A range of body and hand care items are also available, including the Dry Spell Body Butter that supplies the skin with vitamin C. Hair is not deprived of carrots, as Yes To Carrots’ shampoos and conditioners also include sweet potatoes, melon, and honey.

“A lot of people are looking for minerals for the skin,” explains Hollock. Walgreens customers will find just that in the new line of organic skin care products from Weleda. Considered the European pioneer of organic skin care, the Weleda line includes body care products like wild rose creamy body wash and lotion. In these products, the key ingredient is rosehip seed oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids that the body cannot replenish as it ages. Weleda’s birch cellulite oil improves skin’s smoothness with birch leaf extract, jojoba seed and apricot kernel oil.

Hawaiian body care and spa treatments from the Alba brand use pure plant proteins, natural botanicals, vitamins, advanced sea enzymes and tropical fruit, nut and plant essences from the Hawaiian islands. This extensive line of skin care, sun care, hair care and spa products uses components such as papaya, passion fruit, jasmine and coconut milk.

Avalon Organics offers products rich in vitamin C. This skin care system protects against the harmful, aging ultraviolet A and B rays. Enriched formulas nourish and hydrate sun-exposed skin for an even and healthy complexion. The Avalon line includes cleansing gel, toner, moisturizer and lip balm.

Walgreens expects its fresh, new line of organics to be positively received by its customers. While it is anticipated that people will be purchasing some of these items for personal use, Walgreens will carry organic skincare gift sets for the holidays. Stop by your local Walgreens and check out the new lines of organic products. Visit for a store location near you.

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