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Healthy Living with EZe Products

Increase your quality of life with a sauna from EZe Products.

By: Lei Rumley | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: October 2007

Dan Cheshewalla and Jerry Vick display an EZe sauna.

Imagine coming upon a “magic box” that provided you with the power to live in good health. By using the box properly, you could burn calories, get a cardio workout and beat stress. It would not take a lot of time out of your day and could all be done while sitting.

While on a business trip in Tokyo, Japan, Tulsans Jerry Vick and Dan Cheshewalla came upon such a box. There they learned about a booth-sized sauna that used a different kind of heat than what is used in traditional saunas in the United States. Using technology that incorporates both conventional heat and infrared, radiant heat, Vick and Cheshewalla thought it was just the product to bring to America. Twenty-five years later, EZe Products of Tulsa, their company, is manufacturing and distributing its products to doctors’ offices, detoxification centers, spas and fitness facilities nationwide.

The saunas sold by EZe Products are packaged in furniture-quality wood cabinets. Available in several models, they seat one to four people and can be constructed of either non-allergenic Canadian hemlock wood or cedar wood. Since the saunas easily break down into six pieces, they can be transported to and from various rooms throughout a home or business. In about 15 minutes, an entire sauna can be assembled and plugged into its required 110-volt outlet.

Inside each sauna is where the health benefits take place. According to Jerry Vick, there are so many benefits that he does truly refer to the sauna as a “magic box.” In the case of this EZe product, the health benefits are due to the Infrared Thermal System. According to medical literature from Dr. Aaron M. Flickstein, the system uses heat-derived, infrared, radiant energy to directly penetrate the body’s tissues. The sun is the most common example of radiant heat. However, the infrared heat waves used in EZe saunas are harmless and do not have the same detrimental effects as ultraviolet radiation.

Cheshewalla raves about the restorative benefits reaped by users of EZe saunas. “People have experienced temporary relief from arthritis and fibromyalgia,” he says. “Physicians whose patients have used the saunas report reduced pain and quicker healing time after surgery.”

According to the EZe company website, doctors making use of infrared heat have seen accelerated healing after brain contusions, success in eliminating bursitis and reduced pain in sports injuries. Blood circulation has also been increased in several cases, helping to relieve menstrual cramps, upset stomachs, nervous tension and fatigue. The infrared therapy can actively repair skintone by cleaning itself of natural impurities while maintaining necessary bloodflow. Oxygen can also be replenished throughout veins to lesson the symptoms of varicose and spider veins.

With all the health-benefiting possibilities associated with EZe saunas, the units also offer luxury and comfort. Each sauna features easy-to-operate control panels inside and outside the unit, a CD player, an AM/FM stereo system, reading lights and beverage holders. An added bonus to users, they warm up and are ready to use 10 minutes after being turned on.

Saunas from EZe Products are affordably priced. Vick explains that purchasing a sauna unit is an investment in the rest of a customer’s life. He says, “I know my magic box is responsible for my good health.” Visit or call (918) 622-5455 for more information.

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