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Health and Fitness Resources are Offered With Smiles and Convenience at Shakes Alive Wellness Lounge.

Shakes Alive Wellness Lounge provides not only a full line of ViSalus products and a shake bar, but a headquarters for a team that provides a comprehensive support ­system for those looking to make a change in their health and fitness lifestyle.

By: Christopher Davis | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: July 2013

Join the fun of losing weight and feeling great. (L to R):
Ariane Betancourt, Zumba instructor and Ivy Greathouse, owner, along with Aaron, personal assistant, and customer Rita.

Join the fun of losing weight and feeling great. (L to R): Ariane Betancourt, Zumba instructor and Ivy Greathouse, owner, along with Aaron, personal assistant, and customer Rita.

As more Tulsans are getting ­serious about their health and fitness, Shakes Alive Wellness Lounge is becoming a hub for a growing community in search of support, information, activities and products. Located conveniently next to La Fortune Park, this new storefront is gaining popularity with the runners and joggers who can be seen from the large storefront windows.

    Led by owner Ivy Greathouse, Shakes Alive Wellness Lounge provides a headquarters for a team of health and fitness professionals. Michael Wyly, D.O., has practiced medicine in the Oklahoma for over 30 years. Marilyn Kelley, MPH, RD/LD, offers expertise and guidance on dietary and nutritional aspects. Ariane Betancourt facilitates Zumba classes on a regular schedule at the Wellness Lounge.     Greathouse observes it is common for people to put off appointments with their regular doctor, so having a board ­certified physician and a ­registered dietician on hand offers clients a convenient and trustworthy source of insight. With Zumba classes, a ­well-stocked shake bar and a full line of ViSalus products, Shakes Alive is not your typical shake shop.

    Describing the inspiration behind opening Shakes Alive, Ivy explains she was searching for a more effective approach to meeting her customers’ needs. While many are familiar with private parties held to sample ViSalus nutrition products, Ivy finds this model sometimes fails to meet the needs of both sales representatives and clients. Seeking a solution to this ­challenge, Ivy says they have established a place where their team can refer clients, “Our ­customers come in and take their time to learn what ViSalus stands for – which begins with health and prosperity.” She adds, “We want you to be able to financially afford something that is healthy and helps you lose weight.”

    Ivy is quick to note, ­however, that ViSalus products and Shakes Alive Wellness Lounge can be helpful for all, no matter your goals. “Our products and services are for everyone - it’s not just weight loss, it’s about nutrition. We are providing a place for people to show up and explore their options on their own schedule.” Between family, work and all the chaos in between, people who have made the decision to improve their health often face more fundamental challenges than simply making better food selections. Beyond scheduling concerns, sometimes people are intimidated about attending informational parties. “A person might feel shy or overwhelmed about their needs and concerns,” relates Ivy. “Having this shop allows people to relax and enjoy the experience so they can be sure to obtain all the information and support they need to meet their health and fitness goals.”

    And who wouldn’t be put at ease at Shakes Alive Wellness Lounge? The lounge is brightly colored and filled with natural light. A tidy shake bar runs the span of one side, offering plenty of space for friends to discuss nutritional benefits and fitness plans while sipping a shake. An impressive array of high-powered blenders, non-GMO fruits and dairy alternatives and ViSalus nutritional supplements line the countertops and wall. Sleek, inviting couches, chairs and café tables punctuate the spacious lounge, encouraging clients to take a moment to invest in their own health. The furniture is ­easily moved to transform the lounge into an activity room, where groups partake in Zumba or meet to discuss and track their progress toward meeting their weight loss or fitness goals.

    Offering everything you need to take the first steps toward forging a new path, Shakes Alive Wellness Lounge invites you to stop in to meet their team and allow them to help you meet your health and fitness goals. Visit them at the southeast corner of 51st/Yale or online at facebook/ShakesAliveWellnessLounge.

For more information, contact

Shakes Alive Wellness Lounge

5077 S Yale Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74135
(918) 813-1116

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Shakes Alive Wellness Lounge

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Shakes Alive Wellness Lounge

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