Hairstylist Who Loves Her Job

For as long as she can remember, Joy Moyer has loved doing hair.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: July 2010

Hairstylist Joy Moyer at her workstation at Shear Elegance Salon in Broken Arrow.

Hairstylist Joy Moyer at her workstation at Shear Elegance Salon in Broken Arrow.

For as long as she can remember, Joy Moyer has loved doing hair. “When I was a teenager, I would always have fun fixing my friends’ hair. Even when I was a little kid, playing with my Barbie’s hair was my favorite thing to do!” says Joy.

When Joy graduated from high school, she attended Rhema Bible College for two years, then began contemplating her future and possible careers. Her mom, Glenda, suggested she make a living doing what she’s always loved – styling hair. Joy thought about it and realized that becoming a hairstylist was a career she would love, and one she would excel at. She soon enrolled in beauty college, became certified, and has now been a hairstylist for four years.

“I love doing people’s hair – it’s my passion,” says Joy. “I can do just about anything a client wants; the only thing I do not offer is perms.”

One thing that separates Joy from many other stylists is that she does what the client wants – not what she wants. “I listen to my clients,” she says. “A lot of stylists pressure their customers into doing their hair a certain way, but I do exactly what the client wants. I always ask a lot of questions before I begin. I’m also very particular – I take my time and make sure it’s done right.”

If you have particularly thick, long hair and have experienced bad haircuts in the past – with patches that are too thick here, too thin there – Joy is the stylist to call. “Thick hair is sort of my specialty,” she explains. “I have had several clients say that I did a really great job cutting and styling their thick hair, and I’ve gotten several referrals just because of that.”

Joy works out of Shear Elegance Salon at 1109 N. Kalanchoe Ave., near 71st & 129th in Broken Arrow. The salon has a stylish, relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a break from hectic everyday life. Although Joy provides high-quality service in an upscale environment, that doesn’t mean she charges over-the-top prices. “I offer my clients excellent service at a reasonable price,” she says. If the economy has you cutting back on luxuries, or if you’re simply used to paying low prices at chain haircutting stores, give Joy a call – you may be surprised at what you get for the price. “My clients are happy because I do a really good job at an affordable price,” she explains.

 “Styling is another of my specialties. After I work my magic with a flat iron or round brush, a lot of my clients will look in the mirror and say ‘Wow!’” she laughs. Joy also provides eyebrow, lip, chin and side face waxing.

If you’re looking for a talented, friendly and affordable ­hairstylist, call Joy Moyer at (918) 691-7558 to schedule an appointment. 

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Joy Moyer, Hairstylist

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Joy Moyer, Hair Stylist

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