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Snappy’s operators Nancy and Dennis Fletcher run a successful haircutting business, and both are a delight to visit with.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: October 2008

Dennis Fletcher, general manager of Snappy’s, enjoys telling the story of how his family business got its name.

Snappy’s operators Nancy and Dennis Fletcher run a successful haircutting business, and both are a delight to visit with. Snappy’s, where you can get a haircut in a snap, was actually named after Dennis’s grandfather. Dennis says that he always delighted in hearing his dad and other Fletcher family members talk about the dapper man who inspired their family business.

Grandfather Fletcher was attending medical school in Arkansas, was married and had a family, and needed a way of earning a living so he could put himself through medical school. The family said Grandfather was a “dandy” dresser and always took great pride in the way he looked. He opened a barbershop in a relatively affluent business area, where there were lots of bankers and other businessmen who always seemed to be in a hurry. The men would come into his barbershop and say, “I need a haircut, and make it snappy.”

Two years ago when Nancy and Dennis decided to rename the family business, which had been at its current location for more than 20 years, it just seemed natural that it should be called Snappy’s.

Snappy’s, as the name implies, is the home of the really quick haircut. They do not take appointments; you don’t need one, because you’re not going to have to wait for very long. The stylists give a great haircut, and they do it without all the fluff you might expect at some of the competitive shops around the country. Snappy’s is not a franchise, and the profits remain in Oklahoma, rather than being shipped out of state.

The sign at Snappy’s says it all.

You may appreciate a few of the things you will not experience at Snappy’s: You’ll never smell any stinky perms being given, you’ll never have to wait while someone’s hair is “processing,” and you’ll never find an in-training stylist at Snappy’s. Another thing you’ll never see is a bad attitude or big ego.

Something you will find and appreciate at Snappy’s is the warm and friendly welcome you’ll receive as you walk through the door. You will also like the clean and relaxed atmosphere and the quick, courteous service from Snappy’s highly skilled stylists, who have years of experience. You can get whatever style of haircut you want, all for the same low price. The shop is conveniently located too, on the west side of Lewis just north of 71st Street. The shop caters mostly to males, but ladies are always welcome.

Another benefit of Snappy’s is that you can get a really good haircut for only $10. That’s the price they’ve charged since opening day, and they’re committed to keeping it. Dennis says the reason is that Snappy doesn’t know how to make change.

And one last thing is worthy of mention. Some of you will remember back in the 50s and 60s, when your barber always brushed good smelling talc on the back of your neck after your cut. Snappy’s still finishes every haircut with that good ol’ Clubman Talcum Powder.

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