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Hair Repair

Heather Buffington has solutions to restore and refresh damaged hair.

By: Lei Rumley | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: November 2007

Heather Buffington, professional stylist, can help you solve your hair dilemmas.

When it comes to hair, many people routinely try to change what nature gave them. With today’s heated styling tools and a wide variety of chemical processes, it is easy for someone to completely alter their look. But with all these tricks used by people at home or in the salon, it is not uncommon for heat- and chemical-treated hair to be damaged and far from its original condition.

Heather Buffington, professional hairstylist, says she sees it over and over again: damaged, dry, rough, brittle hair. Clients go to Heather with their hair so damaged that the strands are matted together as if stuck with glue. She has seen hair that is breaking in pieces like dry straw. Some people even go to her with their locks falling out at the root. “I am a ‘hair doctor’ for clients with this much damage,” Heather says. “I help them through the recovery process as hair grows back out and into good condition.”

Most people with hair damage to this extent have made a common mistake: not understanding the basic properties of their hair. True damage can result from trying to lighten hair color more than it can stand, blow-drying hair more than necessary and perming hair that is already in poor condition.

The symptoms of hair damage vary depending on how it was damaged. According to Heather, the most common symptoms include hair that breaks easily, a bad case of frizzies, split ends, hair that has lost its shine or luster, as well as hair that has rough spots or feels rough all over. Excessive exposure to wind, rain, chlorinated water, saltwater, sun, pollution, harsh chemicals, hair bleach or dyes can leave hair in an undesirable condition.

Heather explains that the best prescription for severely damaged hair is to have the right cut and use the right combination of products. “I work with my clients on ways to make their hair look great while it grows out,” she mentions. “And I instruct them about using the right tools and products to keep hair in good condition.”

Building a relationship with your stylist is important. And to avoid mistakes that can wreak havoc on your looks, it is important to call upon an experienced stylist like Heather. With 20 years of experience, she understands different hair and skin types.

Heather understands that each person’s hair is unique to them. “Clients come to me wanting haircuts like those of popular celebrities,” Heather says. “A cut like Victoria Beckham’s is not going to work on everybody’s hair. But I can adapt the style to a client’s needs, and they end up being even happier.”

“It takes some time to learn what clients’ needs are,” Heather says. She takes that time with each of her clients and gets to know who they are on the inside. From there, she can help them feel good about how they look on the outside. “Many of my clients are in the public eye,” Heather says. “My goal is for them to love their hair.”

Heather has her own personal room in the Casa Blanca Salon at 71st and Sheridan. She is available Monday through Friday by appointment only. Give her a call today at (918) 645-6177.

For more information, contact

Heather Buffington

(918) 645-6177

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Heather Buffington, Hairstylist

For more information, contact:

Heather Buffington, Hairstylist

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