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By: Macy Goodnight | Category: Retail | Issue: September 2018

Owners, Andy Shidell with a custom built AR-15, and Danny Jones with a 1994 Springfield Armory M1A-A1 Bush Rifle.

Owners, Andy Shidell with a custom built AR-15, and Danny Jones with a 1994 Springfield Armory M1A-A1 Bush Rifle.

One of the most welcoming shops in Broken Arrow might seem like the last place one would expect to feel charmed by customer service, but gun shop owners Danny Jones and Andy Shidell of Crusader Tactical treat their customers like friends from the moment they walk in the door.

Crusader Tactical, located on the Northeast corner of 101st in Elm, in Broken Arrow, offers a large selection of firearms, accessories, service, and classes. Crusader Tactical’s mission is to redefine the typical gun store experience for everyone, and for their customers to leave knowing they came to the right place.  They have proven successful in their mission with 5-star reviews on the web, and a long list of testimonials, since opening in July 2017.

Danny and Andy are thankful for the many loyal and repeat customers they have served, while celebrating the shop’s recent one-year anniversary.  Both Danny and Andy feel that what separates them from other gun shops is the level of customer service they provide.  “My dad gave me the best advice that always stuck with me,” Danny said.  “Treat every person with respect.  Look them in the eyes, shake their hand, and do what you tell them you’re going to do.”  Honest, humble, and respectful service is the foundation of Crusader Tactical, making the purchase of a firearm a comfortable and confident experience.

With a successful first year serving the Broken Arrow community, developments have been made along the way to better serve their customers.  A new website,, now allows customers to buy online, as well as customize orders that are shipped to the shop for processing.  Additionally, users can access a listing of the classes offered by Crusader Tactical, including Concealed Carry Courses.  Upcoming plans for classes include basic handgun and rifle operation and maintenance training. Andy is a certified use-of-force instructor and provides more comprehensive information than found elsewhere during his classes for self-protection training. Customers can find all classes offered on the website, as well as a blog with insightful articles on gun safety, news, and product reviews.

A visit to the Crusader Tactical shop and experiencing the friendly, personalized service that Danny and Andy provide is unsurpassed.  “We take the time to talk, take care of you, and make sure you’re happy,” said Andy, “we are different from other gun shops.”  Visiting the guys at the shop also allows customers to get a feel for the right fit in a firearm and see firsthand all the many firearm additions that are available for purchase.  Crusader Tactical offers cases, gun parts, scopes, ammo, and more in their extensive line of accessories.  Customers with custom needs will also benefit from the wealth of knowledge and the combined years of firearm experience that Danny and Andy possess.

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Crusader Tactical

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