Gun Lovers Will Love Medlock

Looking for a really special gift for a loved one this Christmas?

By: Shelly Robinson | Category: Recreation/Leisure | Issue: December 2009

Becky Medlock operates Medlock Firearms in Collinsville, where you’ll find Christmas gifts galore.

Looking for a really special gift for a loved one this Christmas? You might find it in an unusual place, Medlock Firearms in Collinsville. This great little shop tucked away on Collinsville’s historic Main Street is a favorite of gun enthusiasts and has all kinds of firearms, ammunition and accessories to make eyes light up on Christmas morning.

Medlock Firearms offers a wide selection of guns, and still maintains a good supply on most ammunition. As you roam through the store, you will likely hear the chatter of other customers comparing guns and trading tips on shooting and hunting. Among the many great gift ideas are holsters, reloading supplies, cleaning kits, bedside gun safes, gun locks and more. Specialty grips, ear and eye protection, and pepper spray make wonderful stocking stuffers as well.

Whether you are buying for a new gun owner or an experienced hunter or marksman, Medlock has the knowledge and expertise to make shopping a breeze. Jason Medlock, a private gun dealer, and his wife Becky opened their store in June of 2005 to provide a better selection and a more professional atmosphere for Jason’s customers. Becky operates the store, and J.B. Coppedge and Brad Wells round out the staff.  

J.B. is a Class 3 advisor, which means he is able to help customers fill out the paperwork required to purchase guns, ammunition and accessories outside the normal range. “Short rifles, silencers, and things of that nature require special handling, and it is part of our customer service to help with that process,” he explains. In addition, this native of Claremore has a vast knowledge of handguns and rifles.

Brad Wells is an expert marksman with 13 years of military experience. He offers private instruction and group classes for all levels. Novice classes for first-time gun owners teach the very basics – how to hold the gun, how to load it and unload it, and beginning shooting. Brad also teaches marksmanship classes and levels in between the two. “We can tailor the instruction to the customer’s needs, in group or private sessions.”

One of the most popular classes at Medlock is the concealed carry class. There are day and evening times available each month, and with an onsite classroom and pistol range, the class can be completed in one session. The indoor pistol range is also available by purchasing a day pass or membership, depending on the customer’s preference, and passes make great gifts as well. Medlock Firearms also partners with the Tulsa Defensive Shooting Academy for rifle, tactical weaponry and self-defense classes.

Medlock Firearms offers a full line of guns, including Glock, Kimber, Rock River, Sig Sauer, Springfield, and Smith & Wesson. Special pricing on certain items will make it easier on Santa’s helpers this holiday season. Optics are always a popular accessory, and Medlock carries four varieties. Medlock also stocks conversion kits that change a 1911 to shoot .22 caliber ammunition. Becky explains that .22s are much more affordable and enjoyable to shoot and greatly reduce the recoil of higher powered guns. “It’s a great way for women and kids to shoot and much more economical than buying a new gun.”

If you still aren’t sure what to get, purchase a gift certificate and bring in your special someone to shop for themselves. With exposed red brick, distressed wood ceilings and barn tin walls, a trip to Medlock Firearms has the feel of a fun outdoorsy adventure, minus the frostbite.

Medlock Firearms is located at 919 W. Main St. and is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Now is the time to special order items for holiday giving, so be sure to stop by soon. 

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