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Guidance Through the Aging Process

Geriatric care is easier with the help of Select Life Management professionals.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Special Interest | Issue: June 2007

Imane Rose of Select Life Management helps provide quality geriatric care.

It is only natural to have the desire to make the right decision for a loved one. Sometimes, depending on the needs of the person, the experience can be demanding, exhausting, or confusing. Select Life Management offers an exciting “life map” service, providing clients with a clear focus on elder care and geriatric care management.

Although its employees are not new to the business, Select Life Management is relatively new to Tulsa. While clients across the nation have utilized geriatric care services for years, Oklahomans have just recently been introduced to the concept and services available. Tulsa residents who have already embraced geriatric care management have found them to be a huge relief. Geriatric clients can have all their needs met by professionals without burdening their families and friends.

Select Life Management provides trained, experienced service professionals who are equipped to manage the entire care process for the elderly. The professionals bring expertise and knowledge to you and your elderly loved one, eliminating any frustrations. Select Life Management navigates the medical and non-medical fields for you and helps make the right decisions for the person in need of care.

“Our organization offers 118 years of combined nursing experience,” says Imane Rose, marketing director for Select Life Management. “Factors such as physical and mental health, financial resources and proximity of family members can all complicate any family situation. Most people don’t know exactly what they need or what services are available. We provide families with the assistance and answers they need.” Determining what is right, knowing what resources are available and understanding how to use them is critical in the planning process.

A geriatric care manager, referred to as a GCM, is an excellent resource in helping to best utilize available services. GCM’s are specialists in senior care and are able to manage the care process to meet short- and long-term goals. The GCM profession requires special education and training. Many of Select Life Management’s geriatric care managers have backgrounds in nursing and case management, alongside significant geriatric experience. “Our GCM’s are trained to recognize and address the specific needs of older adults,” says Rose. “They have received certified training in their specialized fields and play an important role in everyone’s well-being.”

Unless you have previously experienced caring for an elderly loved one, you probably do not realize how much an aging family member can change family dynamics. Select Life Management has experts to help oversee and coordinate medical, social, legal and emotional needs. Do not wait until you are dealing with a crisis to utilize geriatric care services.

“Our clients rely on us to become their eyes, their ears and their advocates,” says Rose. Call Select Life Management today at (918) 493-2100 to learn more about specific services and what the company can do for you and your family.

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