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Guaranteed Service

Grindstaff’s Dry Cleaning Specialists… serving Tulsans for over 50 years.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Consumer News | Issue: October 2006

Owner, David Cable, believes in his company’s specialty – quality work!

It’s said that people show great concern about three things: their car, their hair, and their clothes. Grindstaff’s Dry Cleaning Specialists have more than 50 years experience handling clothing concerns.

Your clothes are an investment. Keeping them cleaned, pressed, and ready to make a difference in your appearance is Grindstaff’s goal.

David Cable owns the five metro locations. In the trusted, family-named business, he’s assisted by former owner Larry Grindstaff.

Cable has 15 years of experience in the service industry. Likewise, he believes his employee’s tenure sets Grindstaff’s apart.

“Many have been with us more than 20 years. Kay Peters, with 20 years experience, manages each location’s counter personnel. One staff “presser” has 26 years invested, and two other employees have 12 and 15 years respectively.”

Longevity speaks for Grindstaff’s work environment and employee loyalty. Cable highlights another related reason for his company’s outstanding reputation.

“We’re known for our quality. Customers affirm – we keep their clothes looking their best.”

Trust Grindstaff’s with the appearance of your corporate attire or everyday apparel. “We will always be the quality dry-cleaner you can depend on,” Cable says.

In-house specialists provide expert customer service. Our dry cleaner Rick Doffs, with 25 years experience, is trained and certified to handle soiled garments.

“Inspectors” assure that no garment leaves the plant without a thorough check. “Our laundry and dry-cleaning departments each have personnel looking for faults, and will re-process any item that does not pass inspection, including the replacement of missing or broken buttons,” Cable affirms.

Delivery is another of Grindstaff’s quality features. This service is available to residential and business customers.

Their delivery person has delivered finished items to both home and business customers for over 10 years. “Having a long term relationship with our customers, he’s known to carry a pocketful of dog biscuits for their pets.”

Pick-up and delivery service covers the greater Tulsa and surrounding areas.

Do you have a wedding dress that needs cleaning or preservation? Grindstaff’s is equipped to clean, detail, and professionally prepare them for safe keeping, Cable says.

“Our silk finisher is the best in the industry. She has 15 years with us, and is experienced in finishing to pressing formal attire and wedding dresses.”

With this level of service, expect Grindstaff’s to guarantee their work. Cable says it all begins with the counter staff and their knowledgeable approach to cleaning various fabrics.

“We want you to be satisfied, and if you’re not, we will redo the work. If a garment is damaged, we’ll replace it.”

A large portion of the company’s business is due to a loyal customer base, and Cable observes that many of them are second and third generation. “We see their children, and occasionally their grandchildren, continuing the tradition of doing business with us.”

Grindstaff’s five locations, including their main plant, enables them to provide excellent turn-around service.

Store hours are: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.

“We want to be known for our quality service,” Cable says. “Bring us your basic cleaning needs and we’ll provide the quality and service at a fair, and competitive, price.”

Concerned about the care of your clothes? Let the dry cleaning specialists at Grindstaff’s remove the concern.

For more information, contact

Grindstaff’s Dry Cleaning Specialists


1732 S. Boston
(918) 582-2197

Heritage Center

4427 E. 31st St.
(918) 742-5551

Harvard Avenue

5420 S. Harvard
(918) 745-2055

Spectrum Center

6942 S. Lewis
(918) 494-0585

Chimney Pointe

8988 S. Sheridan
(918) 493-1499

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Grindstaff's Dry Cleaning Specialists

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Grindstaff's Dry Cleaning Specialists

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