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SoonerLawn has earned a reputation for quick results and healthy grass.

By: Christopher Davis | Category: Lawn & Garden | Issue: April 2014

Be proud of your lush, green lawn with the help of SoonerLawn.

Be proud of your lush, green lawn with the help of SoonerLawn.

SoonerLawn specializes in services designed to deliver quick results. For clients ­seeking lush, green grass, free of weeds and pests, look no further than SoonerLawn.
    Owned by U.S. Army Captain Michael Bolton, SoonerLawn has revived and maintained lawns in the Tulsa area for 10 years. With a portfolio of accounts ­ranging from commercial to residential, there are plenty of success stories related to their six-step lawn care ­program. Among the happy customers is the Reserve at Battle Creek, where the president and landscaping ­chairman voices his ­satisfaction with SoonerLawn. But with lawns’ colors speak louder than words. Wherever one sees SoonerLawn trucks working, green grass will be found sooner, not later. The key to SoonerLawn’s success is ­striking the right balance of fertilizers and weed control, as well as pest control.
    Fertilization and weed control are both crucial to maintaining a healthy, green lawn. Anyone who has taken the DIY approach to lawn care is familiar with trial and error in the yard. Too much fertilizer – or the wrong ­mixture – means the grass will burn up and die, effecting the exact opposite of the intended result. SoonerLawn will determine the proper right mix of fertilizer to ensure grass thrives with minimal effort on the owner’s part. “It is important to water following fertilization,” says Bolton. With proper fertilization and watering cycles, owners will see positive results. Within weeks, thick, healthy grass will be growing.
    But as healthy grass takes off, so can weeds. SoonerLawn also discerns which herbicide to apply in order to control weeds, giving desired turf the best ­opportunity to grow without competition in the yard. As with fertilization, weed control is not a one-size-fits-all approach, requiring experts in order to do the job properly. SoonerLawn will assess which weeds are problems, in which areas, and apply ­appropriate mixtures and amounts to kill off weeds.
    Aeration is an often-overlooked process with lawn care. Essentially, aeration entails the creation of small holes underneath grass, allowing nutrients, oxygen and water to better reach the roots. Since most lawns serve as outdoor floors for kids, pets and fun activities, it does not take long for ground to get so compacted that grass cannot thrive. SoonerLawn uses a machine to systematically pull out small plugs of dirt, allowing roots to stretch out, breathe and feed much more comfortably. Bolton recommends aeration at least twice per year for most lawns. “Spring and fall are the ideal times for aeration,” he says.
    With fertilization, weed control and aeration in place, one may believe all that is left to worry about is watering and mowing. However, pests can undo even the best efforts at lawn care. SoonerLawn provides pest control, giving grass the defense it needs against major enemies like ants, chinch bugs and moles. Though such battles can be frustrating and long-term, Bolton and his staff will apply insecticides or ­repellents to get the problem under control. No more brown patches. No more anthills, molehills or gopher mounds to interrupt the sea of green or disrupt lawn mowing.
    At the end of the day, establishing and maintaining a lush, green yard is the goal. SoonerLawn takes the fuss and effort away from the owner. With their expertise and equipment, they are ­prepared to take on the ­burden of assessing lawn care needs and executing the appropriate solutions.

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