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Greek Beverage Newest Addition to McDonald’s Lineup

It started with a cup of coffee, and now the McDonald’s venture into the beverage business has yielded yet another winner on the menu.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Restaurants | Issue: March 2010

McDonald’s owner Tim Rich and his employee Debi Wilks with the new caramel frappé.

McDonald’s owner Tim Rich and his employee Debi Wilks with the new caramel frappé.

It started with a cup of coffee, and now the McDonald’s venture into the beverage business has yielded yet another winner on the menu. Designed to tempt the most discriminating customer’s taste buds, the novice will delight in this latest pleasure as well. Local McDonald’s owners Tim and Patty Rich are excited to add a new blended ice drink to the McCafé lineup, the mocha or caramel frappé.

“Frappé” is actually a Greek term for a frozen blended drink. McDonald’s describes this latest indulgence as a “thick creamy drink blended with ice and a hint of coffee, then topped with whipped cream and caramel or chocolate drizzle.” The drinks are available in either mocha or caramel flavors. Customers will simply describe them as “delicious, tasty and even yummy!”

The frappé is the latest to enter the McDonald’s McCafé menu. The McCafé concept began five years ago when the McDonald’s corporation decided to position itself as a national beverage destination. This transition began with replacing the coffee they were originally serving to customers with the consistent blend of premium, fresh-ground coffee now served at each of the 14,000 restaurants found in the United States. Once they established this new, tastier cup of coffee for their customers, McDonald’s moved forward with a more extensive menu of beverages. They added fresh-ground espresso onto the McCafé list of options, and could offer drinks completely tailored to each visitor. Now customers could order drinks with non-fat, low-fat or whole milk, as well as mochas, lattés and cappuccinos. Iced coffees were then added. Each new beverage has been launched one at a time in order to let it become established before the option of a new tasty treat is given to buyers. And, since each of the products is made with only the highest quality and freshest ingredients, Tim believes his products are far superior to any of his competitors’.

With McCafés located inside each store location, this has become a business inside a business. In fact, customers have so many options that they may find themselves stopping by for a favorite drink with breakfast, a different choice with lunch and then another completely different choice for an afternoon pick-me-up.

The frappé is part of a national launch; however, local customers are being treated to an advance tasting of sorts. Local restaurants are offering this new treat now while the actual national launch date isn’t until June. “We are very excited about this new product,” Tim explains. “We are getting great feedback from everyone who samples this new beverage. Our crew loves it, our customers love it, and even those who don’t typically like coffee have stated that they like it!” Samples of both of the frappé flavors are being offered at many local McDonald’s and give customers the chance to decide which they find the tastiest.

The drink will come in three sizes and will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When the craving comes over you, McDonald’s will be happy to oblige. Tim explains that this is really a product that sells itself. “Once you have tried it, you will want more and more!” Patty adds that they are very excited to have this new offering. “We feel that people who may not be familiar with this type of product will now give it a try, become familiar with it, and will add it to their daily or weekly beverage choices.”

With so many choices available now at McDonald’s, there is no reason for anyone to go away thirsty or unfulfilled. And don’t worry; they still have some new tasty specialties up their sleeves. Look for the next new product to be unveiled in the spring.

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