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For pet stains and odors, call family owned and operated Dri-Rite Carpet & Upholstery Service.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Professional Services | Issue: July 2014

Kathy Jones, Grant Stout, and Danny Darbyshire of Dri-Rite Carpet & Upholstery Service.

Kathy Jones, Grant Stout, and Danny Darbyshire of Dri-Rite Carpet & Upholstery Service.

Pets bring joy and unconditional love into our lives, but they’re not without inconveniences – in particular, those pesky carpet stains and smells that inevitably happen with all new puppies as well as accident-prone older pets. Dri-Rite Carpet & Upholstery Service in Owasso offers an effective solution to dealing with stains and odors caused by your furry family members.

“When a homeowner has pets, it’s important to not just clean the carpet. We treat carpets with an enzyme that kills bacteria in the carpet and literally pulls it through the backing to the top. This eliminates the odor and prevents spots from returning,” explains Dri-Rite owner Kathy Jones. “Regular carpet cleaning will remove the spots temporarily, but they will return after a few days. Dri-Rite offers a 15-day warranty with the enzyme cleaning; if the spots return within 15 days, we will come back to your home and solve the problem.”

Dri-Rite has treated a range of pet homes, from a couple of puppy spots to a full-on ammonia smell from numerous accidents; they can help no matter the extent of the situation.
The enzyme treatment is an extra fee in addition to their dry foam carpet cleaning service.

Dri-Rite technicians will assess the damage in your home and provide a price quote before they begin working.

Dri-Rite is a reputable, family owned and operated company that has been in business in Owasso for 17 years. “We have outlasted a lot of other companies because we provide excellent customer service and great results. A family member will always be there for every job we do,” says Kathy.

Owners Kathy and Tony Jones are both licensed carpet care technicians, certified by IICRC. They have undergone extensive classroom and on-the-job training by the best in the industry.
Kathy says that now is a prime time to have your carpets cleaned. “I encourage all my customers to make sure they have their carpets cleaned at least once a year, but especially after the winter months,” says Kathy. “Winter is hard on carpets because our homes are closed up for months and the dirt, dust, and grime that is tracked in, or in the air after we dust, has nowhere to go – so it falls down into the carpet fibers.”

Dri-Rite utilizes a dry foam cleaning technique that picks up approximately 91 percent of dirt, compared to steam cleaning, which according to Kathy only picks up about 15 percent. “Dry foam cleaned carpets will stay clean, on average, for 12 months before you will need to call us out again. Steam cleaned carpets are typically in need of attention in only two to three months.” Dri-Rite will also pre-vacuum and move your furniture – with certain restrictions, such as an extremely heavy item. “A lot of companies will not move your furniture, so we are happy to provide that convenience for customers,” says Kathy.

Another service Dri-Rite offers is Teflon protection. Teflon protects carpet against fiber matting and premature wear. Technicians apply a shield of silicon polymer and a special dye blocker that fills the fiber pores. “With regular cleaning and Teflon applications, customers can extend the life of their carpet by as much as 50 percent,” adds Kathy.
 Dri-Rite can tackle just about any job, including residential and commercial. In addition to cleaning carpets, they clean Oriental and Persian rugs, repair and install carpet, purify air ducts, and clean tile and grout.

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