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Gleam Guard adds life to worn cabinets and woodwork and protects those that are new and not so worn.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Other | Issue: October 2006

Gleam Guard’s Kenneth Miles points out “before and after” samples at the company’s Woodland Hills Mall location (next to the Food Court).

They’re good at what they do. And Gleam Guard believes their restorative process cannot only renew worn cabinets and woodwork, but also extend the life of that which is still new.

Owner, Tracy Booth affirms, “We’re having our best year ever. Our business is growing.”

It’s the growing edge that he and associate, Kenneth Miles, want you to discover. Gleam Guard’s slogan says it – “We can save your kitchen cabinets - We can refinish your kitchen cabinets.”

“Our process can improve the look of your woodwork. We can make what’s bad look good, but we can also keep your cabinets from looking bad in the first place,” Booth says.

Make no mistake, Gleam Guard is in the cabinet transformation business. They’re also intensely focused on the preventive maintenance side of your home’s cabinetry and woodwork.

Booth and Miles concur, “We do a lot of work on cabinets that are anywhere from five to twenty years old. We definitely make them look new again.”

“Depending on the type of finish, signs of ‘wear and tear’ can appear within a span of ten years,” they say. “Our restorative process remedies that as well.”

Each has discovered the benefit of their work in new homes. Perhaps there’s no visible wear yet, but sooner or later there will be.

Gleam Guard is confident in their capability to treat new woodwork. The treatment can decrease maintenance over the long haul and increase longevity.

“A home is a long-term investment,” reminds Booth, “We assure homeowners that the use of our product on cabinets and woodwork will ensure their lasting longer without showing typical wear associated with time and the lack of maintenance.”

For example, your home’s cabinets might be painted or feature the popular “pickled” look.  “The myth of those coated with enamel paint is that they’re sealed as a result – they’re not,” Miles confirms.

Gleam Guard claims that its process literally seals a cabinet’s finish and chipping is not only stopped, but also eliminated from having future occurrences.

And, after treatment, clean up is easier. If your child puts a “skid mark” on a cabinet face, perhaps while climbing, the Gleam Guard treatment enables you to wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Regardless of whether your cabinets are twenty years old, or less than six months old, there will be ‘wear and tear and abuse’ issues. “We want to take care of your woodwork and prevent the appearance associated with gradual wear,” says Booth.

Gleam Guard’s finishing system can be applied to multiple wood treatments. Whether the wood is antiqued, glazed, or whatever, it can be enhanced and protected for the long haul.

Booth says, “We have customers who occasionally contact us for touch-ups. Their woodwork or cabinets may not require a full make-over, yet some custom wood will look better and last longer following our treatment.”

This local company has recently received another award from the Better Business Bureau. This recognition is a testimony to exceptional customer service and satisfaction guarantees.

Customer satisfaction keeps them on the growth edge of their expertise. Their process may be applied to any woodwork within a home – baseboards, crown molding, fire place mantles and decorative, sturdy wood beams.

Visit their Woodland Hills Mall space at the Food Court’s north entrance. Compare their displayed cabinet samples, view the video demonstration, and pick up a brochure for more information.

“We want to be known as a dependable company which enhances the beauty of your woodwork while reducing its care,” Booth and Miles acknowledge. Gleam Guard, a reputable treatment for cabinets and woodwork – new or worn!

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