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Grout Care of Tulsa has the expertise to rejuvenate problem grout.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: October 2007

Kent Kantor founded Grout Care of Tulsa in 1998 and has a simple solution for making tile and grout look like new.

Grout Care of Tulsa is focused on doing one thing and doing it right. The company provides expert advice and solutions for repairing and replacing unsightly grout that surrounds ceramic tiles. Established in 1998 by Kent Kantor, Grout Care of Tulsa helps homeowners rejuvenate their bathrooms and kitchens.

Are you embarrassed by the appearance of a grouted area in your home? Do you have difficulty getting it clean or have recurring mold problems? If so, check to see if the grout is pitted or chipped. Also, check for loose tiles. If you discover any of these problems in your tiled areas, call Grout Care of Tulsa for a free, 15-minute consultation. It could make life a whole lot easier.

According to Kantor, mold seems to be more problematic in tiled areas. As grout ages, it becomes pitted, providing a great hiding place for mold. The mold continues to grow. It cannot be washed away, and continued scrubbing only seems to aggravate the problem and make it worse. The only solution is simply to remove old grout and replace it. That is where Grout Care of Tulsa steps in.

Grout Care of Tulsa has a wonderful solution guaranteed to make old, ugly, moldy, cracked or dirty grout look like new again. Kantor’s solution includes restoring and maintaining problematic tile and grout areas, inexpensively and effectively returning them to like-new condition. All he needs is 15 minutes check out the area and make a recommendation. Kantor says, “Ceramic tile doesn’t wear out, but grout does.” The beauty of his restoration system is that all the old grout in your shower can be completely removed. Therefore, an area can be re-grouted with the same color as before or with something new. With Grout Care of Tulsa, no job is too small.

Grout Care of Tulsa’s process for its tile and grout restoration projects is simple. If your kitchen grout is dirty and hard to clean, Grout Care of Tulsa has a special staining process. This process will permanently seal and make your grout cleanable. Best of all, the grout, which carries a lifetime warranty, can be stained any color for an updated look.

Most people have tried bleaching grout in problem areas. Kantor advises that bleaching simply removes colored pigment and further deteriorates the grout. Instead of solving the problem, it worsens it.

Is your kitchen or bathroom tile ridden with soap scum or stains? Has your grout turned a color since it was installed? If so, you will truly be amazed at the revitalization results provided by Grout Care of Tulsa. Not only will your bathroom or kitchen tile and grout look like new, but the process can actually increase a home’s value. The restoration also has a customer satisfaction guarantee. How can you lose? This process gives customers clean, new-looking tile and grout. It is easy to clean, and it is permanently sealed to make future maintenance a snap.

Aren’t you getting tired of all that scrubbing? Call Grout Care of Tulsa today at (918) 748-3030 for a great solution. Your tile and grout areas deserve a beauty pick-me-up. “We do one thing and we do it right,” reminds Kantor. “And our guarantee is to exceed our clients’ expectations.” Call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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