Gifts That Will Give for Years

With Christmas approaching, it’s a good time to consider some amazing gift ideas.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Retail | Issue: November 2008

Lori Manning, owner of Actions Sports, displays a pitching machine that would make the perfect gift for a baseball or softball fan.

With Christmas approaching, it’s a good time to consider some amazing gift ideas. For 12 years, Action Sports has been specializing in sports and leisure products, including pool tables, batting cages, custom putting greens, saunas, golf simulators, poker tables and more. The pool tables and batting cages are particularly hot items available at great prices, and the holidays are an ideal time to look into getting that leisure item you’ve had your eye on.

“In time for Christmas, we are selling all the pool tables we have in stock at absolutely superb prices,” says Action Sports owner Lori Manning. “These are all beautiful, hardwood tables, with one-inch slate. We’re selling them for just barely over cost. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a great pool table at a low, low price. Most of these tables are available at fractions of their original retail prices, with some as low as a third of the original price.”

Customized backyard batting cages are an Action Sports specialty. “We have batting cages in 25, 35, 48, 55 and 70 feet,” says owner Lori Manning. “The 48, 55, and 70-foot cages are our most popular. We have a full line of baseball equipment, including batting cage turf, L-screens, fielder screens, backstops, balls and more. We also have different twine sizes and nets made of different materials.” Action Sports carries a variety of frames, from commercial grade to more portable styles. And if you need help setting up your batting cage, they can help you with that too.

Action Sports is an innovator in the field. “We’ve developed our own pitching machines,” says Lori. “We’ve taken ideas we liked from other machines, and we’ve improved on them to make them more versatile to pitch baseballs and softballs at variable speeds. They have a polyurethane wheel, which lasts five times longer than rubber. They are second to none in value and quality, and they’re competitively priced.

“You can create your own package and customize it to your own needs,” says Lori. “We’ll help you select the net, frame, pitching machine, turf and accessories, in any combination that you desire.”

Action Sports stands by all its products. They can assist you with installations and repairs. Action Sports also continues to add the newest and most innovative products. They now carry a full line of kids’ and adults’ sports uniforms for baseball, softball, basketball and soccer.

For home sport, leisure, recreation products and pool tables with great quality and affordable prices, visit the Action Sports showroom, located at 5563 S. 104th E. Ave. in Tulsa. They are open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. On weekends and evenings, call for an appointment. You can also see their full range of products on the web at

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