Gift Ideas for Sports Enthusiasts

Now in its 15th year, Action Sports continues to specialize in great gift ideas for the sports enthusiast.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Recreation/Leisure | Issue: December 2009

Lori Manning and Andi Upson say that because of the economy, more people are enjoying in-home activities such as pool.

Now in its 15th year, Action Sports continues to specialize in great gift ideas for the sports enthusiast. The company’s high-quality leisure products include saunas, pool tables, at-home golf equipment, and baseball equipment, including batting cages.

Action Sports is offering great deals on its sauna floor models. “We’re having a great sale on these,” says owner Lori Manning. “People are so worried about the flu right now, and saunas are wonderful because they offer so many health benefits, including removing toxins from the body. A sauna is also a great way to keep warm in the winter.” According to Manning, regular use of an infrared sauna can also help with weight loss, provide relief for arthritis, and improve circulation. They offer a fine selection of cedar and hemlock infrared saunas with ceramic or carbon fiber heaters.

The pool tables must also go. “People are staying home more and going out less because of the economy, and pool is a great at-home activity,” says Manning. “We have some fantastic deals on our pool tables. And they’re all high quality – beautiful hardwood tables with one-inch slate in three pieces.”  

Action Sports offers a wide selection of at-home golf practice equipment, including a number of driving nets and putting mats. “Golf nets and mats are excellent gift ideas for the golf enthusiast in your life,” says Andi Upson, sales manager. “You can practice at home, outdoors or in the garage, and keep your game up to par during the winter months.” Action Sports also carries roll and putt putting greens. “These are handy because you can use them indoors or outdoors, and you just roll them out on the floor to practice and roll them up when you’re finished. They’re very easy to store.”

Backyard batting cages are another Action Sports specialty. They carry a full range of cage sizes: 25, 48, 55 and 70 feet. “We also carry indoor and outdoor frames, pitching machines, practice balls, backstops, and several types of training aids to improve your batting skills,” says Manning. “And we a have a number of package deals available.” Action Sports is an innovator in the baseball practice equipment field, too – they’ve created their own pitching machine based on all the best qualities of a number of other machines.

Action Sports offers a number of other products as well, including card and game tables, and soccer, basketball, baseball and softball uniforms for both kids and adults

Action Sports takes your leisure time seriously. They feature their own in-house service department and typically offer one-day service. The Action Sports showroom, 5563 S. 104th E. Ave., is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or after hours and weekends by appointment. For more information, including a full listing of Action Sports products, visit

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