Getting to the Root of Your Teeth Problems

Dr. Michael Sanchez of Renaissance Dental is studying a discipline of dentistry called bioesthetic dentistry.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: September 2010

Dr. Michael Sanchez of Renaissance Dental is now one of two dentists in Oklahoma to provide bioesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Michael Sanchez of Renaissance Dental is now one of two dentists in Oklahoma to provide bioesthetic dentistry.

Most of us have heard the saying “get to the root of the problem.” Dr. Michael Sanchez of Renaissance Dental is taking this old adage to heart by studying a discipline of dentistry called bioesthetic dentistry.

“We’ve always studied repair processes when people’s dental systems are broken down,” Dr. Sanchez says. “Bioesthetic deals not only with repair, but with causes as well.”

One way that bioesthetic dentistry helps to determine the cause of tooth breakdown is by studying healthy mouths, to understand what makes these teeth hold up better than others. As the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry reports, “Bioesthetics is the study of the human chewing system in its natural form and function. It is based on years of scientific research and observation of healthy natural dentitions where little or no dental repair has been needed to preserve the teeth. In these chewing systems, jaw joints are stable, muscles are relaxed and teeth are practically unworn, providing excellent esthetics, function, comfort and longevity.”

“The goal of bioesthetic dentistry is to provide patients with a comfortable, natural looking, healthy smile that will need little to no repair over their lifetime," says Dr. Sanchez. “In addition, we want to prevent your teeth from wearing down and looking old. There are several signs that can signal an unstable or destructive bite. Many include headaches and migraines, chipped or worn teeth, broken teeth, jaw or ear pain, facial muscle pain, and loose teeth and receding gums. If you have any of these conditions, then bioesthetic dentistry may be able to help you.”

“People get frustrated at always having problems with their teeth," he continues. “A broken tooth turns into a crown this year and next year another tooth breaks, resulting in another crown. If you were building a  house and had the choice of building on a stable foundation (rock) or an unstable foundation (sand) you would choose the stable foundation. You now have an opportunity to give your jaws and your teeth a firm foundation.”

“In speaking with many elderly patients, a common phrase from them is, ‘I wish I would have taken better care of my teeth.’ Frequent characteristics I notice in elderly patients with nice unworn teeth and very little dental work are they all have stable jaws, anterior guidance, correct shape and form of teeth, which are bioesthetic dentistry principals.”

The process may sound complicated, but Dr. Sanchez says this is not the case. He begins by stabilizing the jaw, which is done by utilizing a simple dental device. Next he uses bioesthetic principals to make the necessary adjustments or corrections to the teeth. “The beauty about this treatment is that in many cases, teeth can be built up very conservatively with beautiful, long-lasting results.” In the past, correcting the bite might consist of crowning many teeth, whereas today, many cases can be corrected without crowning teeth, instead using bonding techniques (which require little to no tooth removal).

Dr. Sanchez had already been using some of the principles of bioesthetic dentistry in his practice, but after attending a lecture on the subject, his interest was piqued, and he decided to take it to a new level. “I have gotten to a point in my career where I see so many patients and the breakdown in their teeth over the years, even in people who appear to have healthy teeth. There is health and there is optimal health. Optimal health is our goal," says Dr. Sanchez, but he points out that there are pleasing esthetic effects as well. Not only does the treatment improve the look of the teeth, but many have reported a younger looking face as well. This is because this treatment may release the strain on the facial muscles, giving some patients an automatic facelift. Some results have been so dramatic they have been documented on the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry’s website at Dr. Sanchez encourages everyone to visit this website and view these results for themselves.

Dr. Michael Sanchez of Renaissance Dental offers excellent family dentistry to Owasso and its surrounding areas, providing crowns, fillings, TMJ Therapy, cleanings, gum therapy, and root canals. Now he is one of only two dentists in Oklahoma to provide bioesthetic dentistry as well.

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