Getting Rid of an Annoying Pain in the Neck

Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma provided a light at the end of Jan Crismond’s tunnel of recurring discomfort in her neck.

By: Cassie Woods | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: December 2012

Jan Crismond said goodbye to neck pain after undergoing a series of treatments at Spinal Decompression of ­Oklahoma.

Jan Crismond said goodbye to neck pain after undergoing a series of treatments at Spinal Decompression of ­Oklahoma.

Statistics show that 85 percent of people in the United States will suffer from back or neck pain at some point in their lives. Jan Crismond was one of those people. That was before she ­discovered the Intervertebral Disc Decompression (IDD) treatments available at Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma.

    Jan works right next door at Claremore Health Associates, Inc., yet she had never seen the IDD machines. She knew very little about the treatments until one of the doctors at the practice she works in made the ­suggestion.

    “I didn’t realize I suffered from osteoarthritis until Dr. Fortner diagnosed me with it during my exam, and I learned that Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma could be an option for me,” said Jan.

    IDD therapy is non-surgical and non-invasive. The procedure uses computer technology to ­target specific spinal segments. Pressure is relieved on the spine as the therapy recreates space for oxygen, water and nutrients to travel unimpeded throughout the spine. The final effect is ­rehydrated spinal discs through treatments that are safer, less expensive and less painful than surgery or injections.

    Jan’s IDD therapy consisted of 20 treatments beginning in August, the entire process lasting about six weeks. During the first two weeks of her treatment, she received treatments five days a week. Jan reports that she felt a great improvement in her range of motion and comfort within the second week of treatment. From there, she alternated between two and three ­treatments a week until all 20 treatments had been ­performed.  

    “Ebony administered ­treatments,” said Jan. “She was an absolute jewel – so gentle and caring. Each week she gradually increased the tension as my ­treatments progressed. She was always quick to ask if it was too much or too little. Because she really took the time to listen to and work with me, I never had any pain during treatments.”

    The therapy (which typically lasts 20 sessions) is intended to be a one-time process unless there is a re-injury or an ­advancement of a progressive ­illness. But in most cases, once is enough to have a life-changing difference.  

    “It’s really the little things that I noticed to be the biggest differences,” said Jan. “Being able to turn my head to look over my shoulder while driving, improved range of motion in my neck, and even being able to sleep better. I used to have sinus problems that affected my sleep, and my treatment even helped to improve that.”

    Jan also stated that she used to feel a tingling, numb feeling down her arm every night and day that ­distracted her from her work or daily routine. She reports that even though nothing in her ­environment has changed, since receiving the treatments, she has not had that sensation again.

    Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma can treat both the ­cervical (neck) and the lumbar (lower back) areas.

 In ­addition to neck pain similar to what Jan was experiencing, IDD ­treatments have been found to be effective in patients with ­herniated or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, ­posterior facet syndrome, sciatica and low back pain.  

    The treatments require a doctor’s prescription and are ­covered by most insurances. A patient can be referred from their primary care doctor or may be fully evaluated by one of the three doctors at Spinal Decompression of Oklahoma to determine their candidacy.

    You can obtain further information, take a virtual tour of the office, read patient ­testimonials, and fill out the ­pre-qualifying form to determine your candidacy for treatments by visiting the website at You may also call Ebony at (918) 341-1250 to fill out the pre-qualifying form.

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