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Gleam Guard Wood Refinishing can make your cabinets look like new again, without sanding, dust, mess, or emptying of your cabinets.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Other | Issue: September 2012

Bill Kleinhans, regional manager of Tulsa Gleam Guard Wood ­Refinishing.

Bill Kleinhans, regional manager of Tulsa Gleam Guard Wood ­Refinishing.

Anyone who is in the process of trying to sell their home knows it’s not a simple task, by any means. The first thing your ­realtor will tell you is that a house that looks polished and sparkling will sell much faster and for a better price than a dingy, rough-looking home. At the same time, you don’t want to make the mistake of spending tons of money to remodel or replace important aesthetic and functional items like cabinetry.

    Bill Kleinhans, regional manager of Tulsa, says that Gleam Guard is a perfect solution for those trying to sell their home, as well as anyone else who simply wants to spruce up their interior in a big way – without spending a lot of money, time or effort.

    The Gleam Guard process refinishes kitchen and bath ­cabinets and any other interior woodwork without sanding, dust, or mess. “People cannot believe there is no preparation involved,” says Bill. “They don’t have to move a thing out of their cabinets.” Professional craftsmen will clean the cabinets, and the Gleam Guard process will correct peels, flakes, scratches, minor nicks and imperfections. Once the Gleam Guard hard finish is applied, like magic, the cabinets look like new.

    Gleam Guard eliminates the huge mess and time of ­remodeling – and most jobs take only one to two days to ­complete. “We refinish all ­interior woodwork, painted or stained, and the finish will last for decades,” says Bill. “If you walk into a kitchen that Gleam Guard did 24 years ago when owner Tracy Booth first began the company, you’d be absolutely amazed at how good it still looks.”

     Customers receive a five-year touchup warranty, which is transferrable to new owners. “This is a great selling point for people who are putting their home on the market,” adds Bill. “When the cabinets in a home look pristine, the value and ­salability of the house really increases.”

    The reasonable cost is another great perk. According to Bill, the sandless refinishing process of Gleam Guard costs about a third of traditional ­refinishing. Besides kitchen and bath cabinets, Gleam Guard can also be applied to doorframes, ­woodwork, paneling, baseboards and all wood trims that are painted, pickled or stained. Customers can choose a range of glosses, from a satin finish to high gloss. “We are infinitely adjustable on the type of gloss a customer wants,” says Bill.   

    The special Gleam Guard formula bonds to the original finish, enhances the wood grain and gives it a fresh oiled look that will never again need ­traditional polishing. All ­cleaning and finishing products used in the process are ­eco-friendly, and so is maintenance. Bill explains that for cleaning, dipping a cloth in warm water should do the job, but if more cleaning power is needed, add some white vinegar to the water.

    “If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, give us a call first. We can discuss the best time to schedule the refinishing part of the project,” Bill says. “And if anyone is thinking of replacing kitchen or bathroom cabinets, please give us a call first. Gleam Guard will be a less expensive ­alternative, with no dust or ­disruption.” Gleam Guard offers in-home price quotes, and their kiosk at Woodland Halls Mall displays samples of their amazing work. 

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