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It is time you try Amazing Hoops.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: May 2010

Margie Sweet and Amber Munoz ­encourage you to try Amazing Hoops for impressive fitness results.

Margie Sweet and Amber Munoz ­encourage you to try Amazing Hoops for impressive fitness results.

When was the last time you got an amazing workout and actually enjoyed doing it? For most, the answer is a resounding, “Never!” Exercise is good for us, makes us healthier, and burns calories, but fun? It can be! If you want to join the growing group of fitness buffs who actually look forward to their daily workouts, it is time you try Amazing Hoops.

Called “the newest phenomenon” by Women’s Living Magazine, fitness hooping is the answer to the biggest trouble areas for women: the waist, stomach and arms. Co-owned by local entrepreneurs Margie Sweet and Amber Munoz, Amazing Hoops are different from all the other weighted fitness hoops on the market. The two women combined forces two years ago, and their industrial spirit has grown their business into a nationwide enterprise.

Margie began thinking about the business years ago with the products that were available on the market at that time. “The old fitness hoops were hard plastic and gave the clients at my gym bruises. It was painful and dangerous,” she says. Amber and her husband took that original design, made major improvements, and now have a patent pending product. It was an instant success and has turned into a thriving business partnership. The enthusiasm that both women exude for their hoops is evident and infectious. “We are proud to offer the most comfortable hoop on the ­market,” explains Amber. “We like to say that ours are padded for comfort and weighted for results,” adds Margie.

The Amazing Hoops products claim a total body workout in only 15 minutes. Here are just a few of the benefits of the hoops: strengthens abdominals and trims your tummy, shapes the waist, builds core strength, burns fat and speeds weight loss, sculpts thighs and buttocks, stimulates cardio workouts, relieves stress and releases endorphins, and enhances dexterity. The smaller “arm hoops” are used to target and tone saggy arms. You will see amazing results in the triceps area with only three minutes a day, according to the owners.

Both women were thrilled when they received a call recently from a sales rep from the Wham-O toy company. He was so impressed with Amazing Hoops that he called them the Ferrari of fitness hoops! Even the Mayo clinic has an opinion on the hoops: “You can use weighted hula hoops…as part of an over-all fitness program or simply as a fun way to burn calories and add variety to your workout.” The January issue of FIRST magazine noted that hooping strengthens the back, hips and thighs, and can trim two to four inches in just four weeks. Margie is a success story herself, losing a total of eight inches and 12 pounds in just two months of hooping.

Still not convinced? Take a few moments and log onto for more testimonials and the ladies’ latest video, shot in New York City. You will soon see that fitness hooping is effective, but most importantly, it is fun. And studies have shown that women are more likely to stick with an exercise regime that they enjoy.

You may be thinking that you have never been able to hula hoop, so why try now? Stop by their store in Tulsa for a personal, one-on-one instruction session. You will leave motivated, energized and most likely with hoop in hand because you have successfully mastered the art of hooping.

Located one block west of 51st Street and Mingo on 95th East Avenue, the store is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. For more information, call Amazing Hoops at (918) 622-0005 or ­visit them at

For more information, contact

Amazing Hoops

5128 S. 95th E. Ave.
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(918) 622-0005

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