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Patient Kathy Hill is pain-free after her successful hip replacement.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: May 2013

Dr. Ronald S. LaButti, the “hip and knee doc.”

Dr. Ronald S. LaButti, the “hip and knee doc.”

n 2012, Kathy Hill, of Tulsa, had her right hip replaced by Dr. Ronald LaButti. “I’d had my left hip replaced in 2003,” Kathy says. “I dealt with the pain and discomfort in my right hip for about two years, until the ­symptoms were as bad as they’d been in my other hip. It hurt so badly that I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything.”

    By this point, Kathy’s hip was bone-on-bone. “I couldn’t even get my shoe on or get in or out of my car without ­excruciating pain,” she says. “I was having trouble working every day because of the pain medicine I’d been taking, and I had stomach problems and ­heartburn all the time.”

    Her primary care physician recommended she see Dr. LaButti. “He took me seriously and he listened to me, which I really appreciated,” says Kathy. “And he didn’t make me wait for surgery – he scheduled me right away for a total hip ­replacement.”

    Dr. LaButti helped Kathy through a recovery that was ­initially very difficult, she says. “My recovery was slow and very painful for the first couple of weeks. I was on a walker for six weeks and couldn’t put all my weight on my right foot. I did therapy at home for the first six weeks, I was back at work full-time after eight weeks, and I did an additional four weeks of ­therapy once I was back to work. Dr. LaButti told me, step-by-step, what to expect – I did everything he told me to, and everything went just as he said. And his nurse was awesome – I could call and explain whatever was going on, and she would get right back with me.”

    Kathy says she was impressed with her experience with Dr. LaButti and his office at every stage. “Everyone at his office was very professional and considerate – they knew I was in a lot of pain and needed to be seen as soon as possible, and I never had to wait long at all for my appointments. After the ­surgery, Dr. LaButti checked on me every morning and addressed all my concerns. And when I got to my room, his office had already sent flowers, which was really thoughtful.”

    Kathy recommends Dr. LaButti. “He took care of my pain. I don’t take any pain ­medicine now, and I don’t walk with any kind of a limp. I can put my shoes on now and get in and out of my car with no ­problem, and people who don’t know me would never know I’ve had a hip replacement, much less both hips replaced.” Kathy works for the Tulsa County Election Board. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, working in the yard, and enjoying nature and the woods.

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