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Prepare your skin for outdoor spring weather at Touch of Sun.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: March 2013

Stop by and see Brittany at Touch of Sun.

Stop by and see Brittany at Touch of Sun.

Cold temperatures mixed with overcast, cloudy days and lots of time spent indoors will all soon be a thing of the past. Spring is right around the corner and with it comes tank tops, shorts, and (yikes!) swimsuits.

    Don’t dread those first warm, sunny days. Get a jump on looking your best by making a stop at Touch of Sun a priority on your to-do list. With a huge variety of beds to choose from, they are sure to have the perfect fit for you. From traditional tanning beds to the Versa Spa Sunless Spray system, you can get that healthy, just back from the islands look without ever having to leave town.

    Megan Gomez, Touch of Sun owner, is excited to show off all the services they have to offer. “We are a multi-level tanning salon with beds and packages for any tanner,” Megan explains. “And all of our Touch of Sun employees are Smart Tan certified.” What that means for their clients is a staff that has the knowledge of skin, tanning, and the very best way to care for your skin so you get enviable results.

    “We encourage our customers to ask questions and to let us help them achieve the tan they desire,” says Megan. “Some want the look of a great tan, but not by utilizing an actual tanning bed. We have the answer for them. Others are looking for a bed that gives fantastic results with very little time spent in the bed. We have several options for that too.”

    Warmer weather brings with it many occasions that call for us to look our best. Vacations, prom, weddings and an afternoon at the lake are just a few of the reasons to get a jump on looking great. “No one wants to spend their vacation nursing a bad sunburn,” states Megan. “A few visits, and they will look as if they have been on vacation for weeks!”

    Customers appreciate that Touch of Sun offers a “no contract” way of doing business; there is no need to worry about making a long-term commitment. And, each client has several tanning package options to choose from, each tailored specifically to their needs. Some packages are set up as unlimited for a month-long time frame; others are set up by purchasing points. “Customers who have a hectic schedule and have no idea what their free time will be from week to week love our Point Packages,” explains Megan. “Your points never expire so you never have to worry.”

    Touch of Sun is a family owned business, and that personal touch can be seen everywhere. Great attention is given to the cleanliness of all the equipment and the entire atmosphere of the salon – just another way that Touch of Sun treats their clients like family.

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