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Come check out our monthly specials and experience tanning at its finest at Golden Tan.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: June 2008

Rhea Owens and her daughter Brandy Henry are the new owners of Golden Tan at 121st St. & S. Elm in Broken Arrow.

The first official day of summer is Saturday, June 21, and everyone knows what that means – picnics in the park, trips to the zoo, gardening, swimming, and of course, summer fashion. The new owners of Golden Tan in Broken Arrow, Rhea Owens and her daughter Brandy Henry, are here to help local men and women achieve a bronze glow that will keep them looking great and feeling confident in their shorts, sleeveless tops and swimwear this summer.

Rhea and Brandy purchased Golden Tan, the high-performance tanning salon located at 121st Street and South Elm, in May of this year. Both mother and daughter, along with their husbands, are high school graduates and longtime residents of Broken Arrow. Rhea Parker graduated in 1970 and married Richard Owens, a 1967 graduate. Brandy Owens graduated in 1995 and married Tom Henry Jr., a 1990 graduate of Broken Arrow.

“We plan to continue the service, quality and products that patrons of Golden Tan have appreciated in the past, in addition to a variety of tanning packages that meet the varying needs of the tanner,” said Brandy.

Rhea and Brandy encourage the public to visit the salon and inquire about the benefits of indoor tanning. Tanning beds, for example, allow you to control the level, what kind and how much light is used, thus greatly reducing the chance of burning your skin. In addition, adults who are deficient in Vitamin D, which is mainly supplied by sunlight, can obtain the vitamin from regular use of a tanning bed – without the fear of sunburn.

Golden Tan offers seven tanning beds, each with built-in facial tanners. Four of the beds are their signature Ultrabronz beds. These top-notch tanning beds filter over 99 percent of UVB rays, a feature that prevents your skin from burning. Ultrabronz beds also offer quick results – you can get a tan in only three to five sessions. To top it all off, these beds offer extreme comfort with massaging adjustable mattresses. The salon also has two Very High Reflective (VHR) beds and a traditional tanning bed.

Brandy and Rhea stress how crucial it is for indoor tanners to wear federally-approved goggles in the tanning beds. Eyelids are extremely thin, which makes our eyes susceptible to serious injury and burning. Golden Tan always furnishes these mandatory goggles.

Because moist skin tans best, the new owners also mention that it is important for customers to use a lotion or spray made specifically for indoor tanning. These tanning accelerators, which are completely different from outdoor tanning products, maximize the skin’s absorption of ultraviolet light and retain moisture so that you receive the best results possible. Golden Tan offers a huge variety of indoor tanning lotions and sprays, and associates are on hand to determine your skin type and recommend the right one for you. Skin typing helps determine the proper tanning regimen as well, including the right length of time to spend in the bed and how long to wait until the next tanning session.

The new mother-daughter owners are thrilled to be servicing their own community. “We were looking for a small service-oriented business in Broken Arrow that would allow us to work in our hometown while providing an upscale assortment of products and services to our patrons. We believe we found that with Golden Tan,” said Rhea.

For more information about getting summer-ready with Golden Tan and its new owners Rhea and Brandy, call (918) 451-4653.

“Come check out our monthly specials and experience tanning at its finest at Golden Tan,” said Brandy.

For more information, contact

Golden Tan

6505 S. Elm Place
Broken Arrow, OK
(918) 451-GOLD (4653)

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For more information, contact:

Golden Tan

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