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The dexos 1 oil does have some unique properties that General Motors engineers specified.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Automotive | Issue: June 2011

Joe Gibson and Kaelen Knight of Jim Glover Chevrolet with samples of the new Dexos 1 motor oil, the new ­standard recommended for most Chevrolet vehicles.

Joe Gibson and Kaelen Knight of Jim Glover Chevrolet with samples of the new Dexos 1 motor oil, the new ­standard recommended for most Chevrolet vehicles.

When you purchase your new Chevrolet vehicle, you’re going to receive more than just a new car, crossover, SUV or truck. The oil used in your new Chevy’s engine is new as well. The oil is dexos 1 and according to Jim Glover Chevrolet’s Parts Director Kaelen Knight, “The new GM recommended oil is a blend of synthetic and conventional oil and is a higher grade than oils previously recommended for use in Chevrolet products.”  

Superseding the new oil standard, Chevrolet recommended “GF-4” oils. These oils, used by most vehicle manufacturers, will be made to a new “GF-5” specification. GF-5 and GM-specific dexos 1 oil both deliver better performance for today’s modern engines by providing cleaner pistons, less corrosion, and an overall boost to engine performance.  

The new dexos 1 oil is also “backward compatible,” meaning that it’s okay to switch to the new oil in Chevy products manufactured prior to 2011. Not all Chevrolet vehicles will be recommended for using the new oil so it’s always smart to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle, whether it is a 2011 or pre-2011 model. Fully synthetic oil is still recommended for both the new Corvette and Camaro models.

There are benefits to using the new dexos 1 motor oil. Although dexos 1 will reduce internal engine friction that will in turn improve fuel efficiency, the gains are so small that the average driver will probably ­never notice the difference. There could, however, be a ­benefit from extending the time and mileage between oil changes. The new dexos 1 motor oil is shown to deliver greater lubrication qualities and reduces the buildup of sludge and damage to sensitive emission control devices. Although your driving habits may permit you to extend the period and mileage between oil changes, good advice and common logic will dictate that you adhere to GM’s suggested oil change intervals.

The dexos 1 oil does have some unique properties that General Motors engineers specified. One requirement was better resistance to aeration, the whipping of air bubbles into the oil. If air bubbles are present in your vehicle’s oil, components actuated by engine oil will not move as they were designed to move, thus limiting the engine’s performance and efficiency.

Although there are multiple organizations worldwide that promote oil standards, many ­consumers are aware of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and their grading of oils. You may have also heard of the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC). The API is a consumer-directed organization, while ILSAC is a trade organization that works primarily with vehicle manufacturers and those who commercially product engine oil. Both organizations have worked cooperatively for many years and their ratings track on a parallel path.

If your vehicle is to use ­dexos 1, the oil fill cap will indicate it. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will also outline engine oil recommendations. If you are still in doubt, contact the service department at Jim Glover Chevrolet. “Please remember,” says Knight, “If you should choose not to use the new recommended dexos 1 oil and the oil you choose does not meet GM specifications, you may be compromising engine performance, and it could result in GM denial of a warranty claim.”

It’s really quite simple, according to Service Manager Joe Gibson. Use the oil recommended for your vehicle and you will benefit from improved fuel efficiency, enhanced engine cleanliness, corrosion protection, sludge control, wear protection and aeration control.

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