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Fundraising with Scentsy

Jami Sullins, Independent Director with Scentsy, has the perfect alternative to the usual boring fund raising options.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Gifts & Decor | Issue: November 2010

Jami Sullins, Independent Director with Scentsy, shows some Scentsy warmers and a Scent Buddy, Roarbert the Lion.

Jami Sullins, Independent Director with Scentsy, shows some Scentsy warmers and a Scent Buddy, Roarbert the Lion.

Is your school, youth group, Relay for Life team, or other organization trying to raise money, but tired of selling the same old chocolate bars? Jami Sullins, Independent Director with Scentsy, has the perfect alternative. She offers fundraising opportunities for groups to sell Scentsy, products she says “sell themselves.”

Scentsy products are a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles. “I found Scentsy at a craft fair in 2007. As a teacher, I was drawn to the safety of the product. I was excited to find an air freshening system that was so safe I could use it in my classroom,” explains Jami. “People love them because they give the wonderful scents candles give, but without the hazards. You never inhale the wax like with candles; because of the low temperature, the wax never enters the atmosphere.”

Jami was a teacher at Broken Arrow Schools for six years, and to make some extra cash – a “shoe fund,” she says with a laugh – she decided to become an independent consultant for Scentsy. “I never intended for it to become a full-time career. But before long, the money I was making replaced my teaching salary and allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom.”

Her success in the business soon allowed Jami to begin hosting fundraisers, in which she donates 25 percent of her commission to the organization raising money. “I started with the Relay for Life in Broken Arrow. My sister was the chairperson of the event, and we were brainstorming ways to raise funds. We loved the idea of donating a portion of the sales from Scentsy.”

Jami can help a variety of groups with fundraisers – Relay for Life teams, church youth groups, dance troupes, schools, and individuals. “We recently helped a woman raise money to go on a mission trip to an orphanage in Haiti,” explains Jami. “She had signed up to do a home party, but was just so busy – every moment needed to be spent raising money for the trip, because she only had a month to get the money. We switched the focus of the home party to a fundraising party.”

The fundraisers can be in the form of home parties, in which Jami will show the products at your home, take orders, and then donate 25 percent of the sales. For larger groups, such as schools, catalogue fundraisers are also available.

According to Jami, having a central location helps make the fundraisers more successful. “Recently for a church youth group, I set up a table in their Sunday school room, and after the pastor’s sermon, he mentioned that people could stop by to purchase Scentsy products to raise funds for the youth group. They raised $250 in 20 minutes.”

Jami attributes the success of Scentsy fundraisers to her belief that the products truly sell themselves. “It’s something people buy because they want to buy it – not because it’s for a fundraiser. Instead of selling chocolate bars that no one really wants, especially since so many people are watching their weight, why not sell something that people will really enjoy and that won’t break the bank?”

One of the most popular aspects of Scentsy – and something that makes it a perfect fundraising tool – is that it’s affordable. The warmers typically cost around $30. Once you have the warmer, you don’t have to buy another, unless you want to purchase several for different rooms. A container of wax costs $5. If the warmer is running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, one container of wax will last an entire month. There are over 85 scents and more than 100 warmers to choose from.

Other Scentsy products include plug-ins for smaller rooms such as bathrooms, scented products for cars, room sprays and Scent Buddies. The new Scent Buddies are cuddly companions for children of all ages that feature a zippered pocket to hold a Scent Pak in one of 15 delightful Scentsy fragrances. Choices include Ribbert the Frog, Ollie the Elephant, Penny the Pig, Mollie the Monkey, Lenny the Lamb and Roarbert the Lion. Much like with the Webkinz toys, children can also log onto the Scentsy Buddy website and play fun online games.

For more information about fundraising opportunities, or if you’re looking to make some extra cash this holiday season, call Jami Sullins at (918) 557-0969 or email her at eat0@eau0eav0eaw0.

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Jami Sullins
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