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By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Financial Services | Issue: January 2008

Ryan Neely, a registered investment advisor, brings financial services to the 56-year-old family business.

When you find a company you know and trust, it can be like running into an old friend.  You just feel good when they have something new to tell you.  As many satisfied customers can attest, that is what it is like with Neely Insurance Agency in Claremore.

Paul and Jonnie Neely began providing insurance coverage 56 years ago in a friendly, old-fashioned way.  They did a great job helping customers and building the relationship between their company and its customers.  Since then, the company’s tradition of reliability and exceptional service has been established.  The Neelys’ son, Steve, and daughter-in-law, Terrie, joined the company years ago.   Now, Neely Insurance Agency hopes to take the company to a new level with the addition of Steve and Terrie’s son, Ryan, to the staff.

“We now have a full range of financial services to offer our customers, aside from property and casualty insurance,” Ryan says.  The latest addition is called Neely Financial Services.  Although Ryan grew up in the insurance business, his niche has always been finance.  After earning a bachelor’s degree in finance, he worked for several major insurance companies.  Then, five years ago, he joined forces with his family.  “This is a good match for our company,” Steve says about Neely Financial Services. “We offer one-stop shopping for your family or business needs.”

Ryan is a registered financial advisor and a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.  He specializes in investments, estate planning, retirement plans, life and health insurance for groups and individuals, as well as many other types of financial planning.  One of his biggest concerns is the growing number of people in Rogers and Mayes Counties without health insurance.  According to the Neelys, this is largely because many small businesses cannot afford the cost of coverage for their employees.

Ryan and his family have a solution.  Through a program called Insure Oklahoma, small-business owners with 50 or fewer full-time employees can provide quality health insurance at a savings of 60 percent or more for employees and their spouses.   More information about qualification guidelines for both the company and its employees is available through Neely Financial Services.

Many employers may not be aware of the availability of Insure Oklahoma, or they may not understand how the program works.  Ryan can quickly explain it in simple terms.  Employees of small businesses can have insurance and peace of mind in no time.

For individuals who want to build secure financial futures for themselves, Ryan has a variety of options.  Both Neely Insurance Agency and Neely Financial Services are independent agencies.  They pick and choose the best policies and the best prices from over 40 insurance provider companies.  Ryan can sit down with each customer, go over his or her risk level, timeframe and other factors and come up with just the right investment plan.

Ryan is a supporter of individual retirement accounts, also known as IRA’s, and he reminds everyone that April 15, 2008, is the deadline for making a contribution for 2007.  A single contributor can add $4,000 to his or her IRA account, with a $500 catch-up for those over 50.  Ryan offers a wide range of IRA options for whatever a customer’s financial needs may be.

While most people do not like thinking about it, having everything together at the time of a loss of a loved one is important.  Steve mentions the importance of having all insurance and financial coverage under one roof.  There is no need to go through stacks of paperwork to find and sort out policies; the Neely team can do it all.

Make your life easier and call Neely Financial Services or Neely Insurance Agency at (918) 341-0622.  Feel free to drop in and see how much easier the Neelys can make your life.  Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The office is closed from noon to 1 p.m. daily for lunch.

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