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CherryBerry Frozen Yogurt is an instant hit in the Claremore community.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Restaurants | Issue: November 2010

Employee Katie Walker showcases the different 
dry ingredients CherryBerry has to offer.

Employee Katie Walker showcases the different dry ingredients CherryBerry has to offer.

A new business has opened in Claremore and looks to give customers so many tasty combinations, you may never be able to decide which your favorite is. The name, CherryBerry Frozen Yogurt, is as much fun as the store itself, and the décor is designed to encourage the older customers a comfortable place to relax, surf the Internet and meet with friends, while the specially designed smaller “cherry” inspired chairs and tables make it an especially delightful destination for the younger set. All in all, CherryBerry is a hit for everyone who steps foot inside.

The idea of a self-serve frozen yogurt bar is new to this area, but this particular store is the third to open. The original store is located in Broken Arrow, and the second one recently opened in Owasso. Both stores are owned by Dallas and Robin Jones. They have been such a huge success, two local couples decided that it was the perfect fit for Claremore. Steve and Mary Kate Bollman and Rod and Melanie Mason are all excited to be taking on this new challenge. “Our husbands are friends with the owner of the original store and during a golf game, they began talking about the possibility of opening up a store here in Claremore,” explains Mary Kate. “It has been a whirlwind since then!” Claremore is just one of the many new locations expected for CherryBerry. Stores will soon be opening in many neighboring states including Texas and Arkansas.

For some new businesses, the biggest challenge is getting customers to step inside the door for the first time. “We understand that the idea of self-serve frozen yogurt can intimidate some. So we are trying to get the word out that there is nothing to fear. Our employees are trained to ask each customer as they walk in if this is their first trip. If it is, they will walk them through every area and show them all the choices available,” explains Mary Kate. Studies have shown that most people become loyal customers after the first visit. With all the choices offered, the toughest part of each visit will be trying to decide what combination is your personal favorite.

The first decision customers will face is which flavor of frozen yogurt they want. Don’t worry if you can’t decide! Sampling is encouraged, so you will be able to decide which flavor is perfect for you. You can choose more than one flavor, too. The machine can be set to combine two flavors into a twist for better variety. Twelve different flavors will be offered each day with flavors rotated every now and then. With choices like cheesecake, strawberry, German chocolate, snickerdoodle, Tahitian vanilla, peanut butter, dreamy chocolate, birthday cake and seasonal offerings like pumpkin, the hardest part is choosing just one, or two! For those who are health conscious, CherryBerry is the perfect stop for a no-guilt treat. “All of our yogurts are non-fat or very low fat,” says Mary Kate. “And all flavors except cookies and cream are gluten free.” Once you have made it past this first area, the assortment of toppings is mind boggling. They are divided into two different groupings.

Choices abound at the first stop, filled with dry toppings. These include choices such as granola, almonds, sprinkles, Reese’s Pieces, Coco Puffs, Nerds, Heath bars, crushed Butterfingers, gummy bears, gummy worms, and many more. Kids will feel as though this is a buffet filled with their favorite foods all in one place.

The cold bar area of the store is stocked with items more suited for the health conscious. Here you will find several fruits to add to your frozen treat. Strawberries, blackberries, pineapple, strawberry kiwi, and several others will be offered each day.

“We are counting on our customers to help us with the items we choose to offer,” says Mary Kate. “If they want something in particular, we encourage them to ask. We will do our best to accommodate their request.”
Cost is set up to encourage multiple choice options. Your selection is weighed at checkout, and the final cost will be $0.39 per ounce. No need to limit your number of toppings.

The CherryBerry décor is specifically designed to be fun for the family and kids, but the owners also wish to make their store a destination for others. “We hope that high school students, college students, and business people will utilize our free Wi-Fi and find our store a great place to get some work done while enjoying a healthy treat.”

Bottled water and a small selection of bottled drinks will be available, but Mary Kate explains that they are focused on making their frozen yogurt the main choice for the store. In the winter, coffee will be available as well, but it won’t be a coffee bar, just plain coffee.

CherryBerry is located in the Ne-Mar Center at 983 W. Will Rogers Blvd. Store hours are Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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Cherry Berry Frozen Yogurt

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