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From Unbelievably Ugly to Unimaginably Beautiful

Re-Bath of Tulsa awards contest winners with a new bathroom.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Consumer News | Issue: October 2006

Co-owner, Glenn Simms offers transformational products and expertise.

Picture a typical bathroom in an aging home. Now picture it containing a beyond-typical “ugly” bathtub.

Your conjured image of that tub is probably nowhere close to how ugly it really is. The good news is, however, that no matter how ugly you pictured it, the tub can be saved with a makeover from Re-Bath of Tulsa!

KTUL, Channel 8 received entries throughout the month of June for their “Second Annual Ugliest Bathtub” contest. As contest partners, Re-Bath of Tulsa worked a magical transformation on the winning “ugly tub” entry.

Sandy and Monte Nunley were the not-so-proud, yet happy-to-be-selected, owners of the “ugly tub”. According to Re-Bath co-owner, Glen Simms, the Nunley’s saw Channel 8’s contest promotion just as they were considering a remodel of their home’s (built in the early 1900’s) attached garage apartment.

Knowing their tub could certainly qualify for “ugly”, these retired homeowners submitted their entry with the required  photo of the bathtub. On August 21, they were awarded by Re-Bath with a completely new bathroom valued at $4,000.  

Their make-over included a new acrylic tub with a floor to ceiling wall unit, upgraded plumbing, tub and shower fixtures. This was complemented by corner shelving and shower curtain accessories.  

Plumbers with Ferguson Enterprises invested the necessary hours to review all contest entries. They submitted their ballots and voted the Nunley’s bathtub the winner.

Having lived with their ugly tub for years, imagine the Nunleys’ delight when they received a completely renovated bathroom from Re-Bath. This 14 year old, locally-owned company sees itself as “the expert” in their field in both new construction and remodels.

Re-Bath of Tulsa is affiliated with a national company that’s dedicated to making bathrooms beautiful. They are a family-owned business and currently the only authorized dealer of Re-Bath products in the Greater Tulsa area.

The company custom manufactures impact resistant acrylic tub liners. Each is designed to fit over current cast-iron or steel bathtubs.

The national franchise company pioneered the acrylic bathtub liner concept in 1979. Since then, they have remained the stand-alone leader in the industry having installed more than 1,000,000 liners nationwide.

Re-Bath features over 800 bathtub molds. The individual liners are designed to fit new bathtubs perfectly and will last a lifetime.

According to Simms, “As with our contest winners, when Re-Bath of Tulsa receives your order, we’re ready to install it. We will complete a job in less than a day.”

Being master plumbers and contractors, Re-Bath of Tulsa is equipped to install vanities, bathroom flooring and will do tub-to-shower conversions. They have stylish accessories to complement a bath’s new look.

Sales consultants are available to offer financing options. Many of the options could entitle you to receive a new bath for pennies a day.

Simms confirms their expertise and job excellence, “We strive to do quality work by treating your home as if it were our own. Our philosophy is to do it right the first time, solve the problem, and honor a lifetime warranty. Once the work is completed we clean-up, haul off the debris and leave the site cleaner than it was.”

If you have what you believe is an “ugly tub” stay tuned for KTUL, Channel 8’s “Ugliest Bathtub Contest”. They will partner with Re-Bath of Tulsa for the 3rd Annual event beginning in June 2007.

Ugly tub or not, remember this local company if you’re thinking of transforming what may be your home’s most ignored room. Re-Bath of Tulsa can create a picture-perfect new look for your bathroom.

For more information, contact

Re-Bath of Tulsa

6549 E. 46th St., Suite 1, Tulsa, OK 74145
(918) 488-0600

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