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Liberty Vapor in Catoosa offers tobacco-free alternatives with electronic cigarettes.

By: Cassie Woods | Category: Retail | Issue: August 2013

Scott Kelly and Tyler Lewis will assist you in finding the right ­
e-cigarette for your needs at Liberty Vapor.

Scott Kelly and Tyler Lewis will assist you in finding the right ­ e-cigarette for your needs at Liberty Vapor.

When Tyler Lewis opened Liberty Vapor in Catoosa in February, he had no idea how quickly the electronic cigarette business would take off. With very little time to advertise, Lewis feels honored that his business has grown so much simply through word-of-mouth referrals.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that a trip to Liberty Vapor ­promises to be a very personal experience. Upon entering the store, customers are greeted by Dax, the friendly canine mascot. Three employees are available to show customers a very large ­selection of fluids from two ­different product lines. Customers are free to test all fluids in the ­flavors and strength they prefer, and staff works with each customer individually to ensure that they are getting the perfect combination of products. They are also encouraged to visit the other side of the business, Hydro Customs, specializing in custom firearms.

 “We want this to be a very relaxing experience for our ­customers,” said Lewis.  “We encourage them to come in and hang out in the vape bar, talk about guns, cars, bikes, their ­problems, vent, detox, whatever they need and let us help them find a flavor they will love until their next visit.” Lewis is former military and a fifth-generation entrepreneur. He prides himself in his veteran-owned and operated business that offers superior customer service. “All I know is small business and ­customer service,” said Lewis. “My customers are very important to me and I want this to be a place they feel comfortable coming back to. We also love to reach out to the military population. We are very patriotic, and many of our ­customers enjoy knowing that we support our troops.”

Electronic cigarettes produce a vapor that typically contains nicotine, satisfying nicotine cravings without inhaling the carcinogens and toxic chemicals. Users get the nicotine in a cool mist instead of by inhaling toxic smoke.

In addition to reducing health risks like lung cancer and cardiovascular disease, customers can also save money by switching to electronic cigarettes. They only need to purchase a one-time starter kit that comes with rechargeable batteries, and then refillable fluid cartridges as needed. Liberty Vapor offers a warranty on all the products they sell.

“We offer some of the least expensive starting kits a customer can get,” said Lewis.  “A single ­cigarette with charger is $24.95 here.  That’s a $10 savings over most places, which would give you enough to buy an extra bottle of fluid here. The double cigarette kits with a charger and case are only $59.95.”

 The liquids come in several strengths of nicotine and taste ­varieties that include tobacco flavor without the actual tobacco. All of the employees in the store have personal experience and positive results with switching to electronic cigarettes.

 “I was a social smoker,” said Lewis. “But I came back from my military deployment a smoker. ­­E­­­-cigarettes have helped me free myself of the nicotine addiction and improve my health.”

“I personally was a smoker for 31 years,” said Scott Kelly, Liberty Vapor employee. “I switched to
e-cigarettes and haven’t had a real cigarette since January. Since then I have experienced a better nicotine satisfaction, clearer skin and better taste buds. Now I make it my goal to help others achieve that as well.”

According to Lewis, many ­customers are afraid of unknown ingredients in e-cigarettes, but he assures that his products contain no antifreeze. The main ingredient is propylene glycol, which is recognized as safe by the USDA and used in many foods.

The fluids offer nicotine at the same level as caffeine while cutting out 2,900 carcinogens. It still curbs the appetite and mellows the smoker out when they feel anxiety but allows taste buds to come back and, as medical research shows, provides for five years lung recovery in only one year.

“It’s really refreshing to hear our customers talk about how much better they feel since switching,” said Lewis. “This has been a great opportunity to help people, have fun and make money at same time.”

Liberty Vapor is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For the latest product details from both businesses, search Facebook for Liberty Vapor E-Cigs or Hydro Customs.

For more information, contact

Liberty Vapor

513 S. Cherokee St.
Catoosa, OK 74015
(918) 266-4716

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Liberty Vapor

For more information, contact:

(918) 266-4716
513 S. Cherokee St. | Catoosa, OK 74015
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