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By: Value News | Category: Financial Services | Issue: September 2013

Connie Maberry loves the ability to take care of her banking when and where she wants.

Connie Maberry loves the ability to take care of her banking when and where she wants.

It’s late at night; you’re in bed relaxing with a book on your iPad and your ­significant other leans over and says, “Oh, I put gas in my truck today – is there enough money in our account to pay for it?”

        You smile, bookmark the page and reply, “Let’s check,” as you pull up your bank’s mobile app. You log in and view your account balance and recent ­transactions. You can also transfer money between accounts, pay bills and deposit checks into your account – without ever having to get out of bed.

        No matter what time of day it is, mobile banking ­provides you freedom to bank ­anytime, anywhere, according to RCB Bank employees and mobile ­banking app users Connie Maberry and Brenda Romesburg, who share four reasons they “absolutely love mobile banking.”

    •    It’s fast and convenient.

        “Anytime I need to make a transfer or check my balance, I use my app,” said Romesburg. “It is easier and faster than ­logging into a computer and the best part is that I can even make deposits from my phone and I think that is just ­awesome.”

        “We are lake people,” said Maberry. “I have used my iPhone at the lake to deposit checks that my ­husband has brought. Or he will call and ask me to ­transfer money into his account. To me being able to transfer money from one account to the other is ­probably my most favorite!”

    •    It saves time and money.

        “One time at the store I swiped my debit card and the cashier said that it didn’t go through so I had to do it again, but I just had a ­feeling I had been charged twice,” Romesburg said. “I immediately got on my phone and logged into my RCB Bank app to check the transaction, and sure enough I got charged twice. Before leaving the store I went to customer service and took care of the mistake right away without having to wait the whole weekend for my refund.”

    •    I stress less.

        “I have four kids so for me it takes a lot to get ­everyone ready to just make a trip to the bank,” Romesburg said. “I just love my app because it frees up my time to do other things and I no longer stress over how I’m going to get to the bank.”

    “When I forget about a bill that is due in two days, I just grab my phone and have a ­payment set up in a matter of minutes,” said Maberry. “It’s done and I don’t have to worry about it. I love this app!”

    •    It’s easy to use.

        “RCB Bank’s app is very easy to navigate,” Romesburg said. “Because I use the app myself, I am familiar with it and I’m ­happy to walk ­customers through it and be available if they have questions after they leave.”

        Download the RCB Bank’s free mobile banking app from the Amazon Appstore or iTunes. Easy installation guides are ­available online at, under Personal/Mobile Deposit.

        For more information about mobile banking, call 855-BANK-RCB or visit your local RCB Bank to speak with one of our friendly bankers.

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