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By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: February 2008

Kent Kantor, owner of Grout Care of Tulsa, is an expert in making grout and caulking look like new again.

If you have unsightly grout or caulking surrounding ceramic tiles in your home or office, Grout Care of Tulsa has a simple solution. And it will only cost you 15 minutes to find out how the problem can be fixed and how much it will cost you to have the work done by professionals. Most customers are pleasantly surprised with the estimate and the quality of the work done to make their grout and caulking look like new again.

By offering four basic services, Grout Care of Tulsa owner Kent Kantor provides solutions for making old, ugly, moldy, cracked or dirty grout look like it did the day it was installed. Kantor explains, “Our four basics include cleaning grout, sealing grout, replacing grout, and staining grout. One, or a combination of these services, will have your tile and grout looking new again.”

Some grout can be cleaned and, if done properly, will last longer than when cleaned improperly. Very few of us have not been frustrated by the appearance of a grouted area that is not only difficult to keep clean, but is nearly impossible to get totally clean in the first place. It’s as though these problem areas attract recurring mold and turn black almost immediately after we “clean” them, or they are permanently stained from any of a number of things like moisture and/or liquids like coffee, juices, tea, sodas and the like. If this might be your problem, you may need to consider sealing the grout to keep moisture and liquids from staining it.

The third service offered by Grout Care of Tulsa is grout replacement. Grout can and will deteriorate, both in showers and on counter tops. There are two basic types of grout, non-sanded grout and sanded grout. And you guessed it, non-sanded is the tight, white grout that has spaces between the tiles that are no more than 1/8”. Sanded grout is used with tile when the joints are over 1/8” wide. This grout has sand added for stability and strength. Sanded grout is typically used in kitchens with ceramic tile floors.

The fourth process Grout Care of Tulsa offers is Grout Staining.  The process is usually done to kitchen floors. The sanded grout can be changed to any color.  Staining your grout will give your kitchen a whole new look. Staining ensures a permanent seal to the grout and makes it easy to clean. And, the staining process has a lifetime warranty.

If the homeowner has made the decision to have his or her grout stained, they will still have the option to change the color of the grout in the future and stay consistent with new styles, colors and trends.

Kantor has a cute saying that really hits the nail on the head. “Restoring tiled areas to new is what we do!” It’s a nice way of saying, “Don’t get caught with pretty tile and ugly grout.” Give Kent a few minutes of your time to get a recommendation and estimate. You can call for an appointment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You and your tile deserve to be happy.

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