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Flip Your Wig

A new hairpiece can subtly or dramatically enhance your appearance, and numerous options are available locally at Beautiful Wigs and Accessories.

By: Christy Means-Smith | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: July 2008

Beautiful Wigs and Accessories owner Mindy Gerving offers clients one-on-one consultation in choosing wigs, extensions and hairpieces.

Throughout history, wigs, extensions and hairpieces have been worn by both genders for different reasons. Some people wish to add to their thinning hair, while others are looking to accommodate for changes caused by medical conditions. Many people simply like having the choice of a rapid, non-permanent alteration to their style. A new hairpiece can subtly or dramatically enhance your appearance, and numerous options are available locally at Beautiful Wigs and Accessories.

Beautiful Wigs and Accessories is the only wig store in Claremore. Until a couple of years ago, owner Mindy Gerving was sending her cosmetology clients to Tulsa for their hairpiece needs. Responding to a growing demand, Gerving opened her business in 2006. She consults with clients at the Claremore Beauty College, where she is also a master instructor.  

Gerving offers three lines of wigs: Raquel Welch, Rene of Paris and Gabor. Clients can choose from either real human hair or synthetic hair. “I can supply wigs of all different colors, lengths and styles, as well as easily-placed extensions and hairpieces,” she said. “Many women love the ease that a wig offers.”

Both human hair and synthetic wigs have their advantages. Human hair wigs can be styled with any kind of hairstyling tool, just like real hair. They can “breathe” well and are very natural to the eye and touch. They are, however, higher in cost than synthetic wigs.

In addition to the lower cost, pros of synthetic wigs include that they come pre-styled, are easy to care for, and have the potential of offering a greater variety of looks.

“Often consumers can buy three or four synthetic wigs for the cost of one human hair wig,” said Gerving. “This option appeals to individuals who enjoy more than one hairstyle, and it can be very cost-effective for those who change their look frequently as part of their profession, such as entertainers.”

According to Gerving, a vast selection is available, especially color-wise. “We custom-match wigs and accessories to the customer’s specifications,” she said. “And most orders can be available as early as a day or two.”

Wigs do require some home care. Human hair wigs must be shampooed and conditioned. Synthetic wigs can be easily washed, left to dry overnight and shaken back into their original style. Some can even be restyled by Gerving.

After-care is a part of the service Beautiful Wigs and Accessories offers, as well as first-rate advice and tips in choosing your wig, extension or hairpiece. All are attachable with very little effort and are much lighter than the wigs that were being produced decades ago.

Clients can select their new look with Mindy Gerving at the Claremore Beauty College at 200 North Cherokee. To make a day, evening or weekend appointment, call (918) 231-1838.

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Beautiful Wigs and Accessories

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